CB first Auto grow Super Hash


Very nice @Manny_FTGUTube tag me in when you start I’ll be poping some gold leaf in a week or so

Quick up date on the super hash auto folks

Tricombes are still mostly clear but I’m getting real close. The being finished :+1:


I’m so jealous! Very nice lady you have there!
If you will have some free time maybe you can tell me/us what you using (nutes, cal-mag, other stuff)
And maybe you can explain that thing “this order contains a gift” … First time using Amazon :pray:


I’m using exactly those nutes @M4ur for my auto
And I put the seed in my 3gal soft pots
To be honest tho I have only feed her I think it was like 3 times the whole grow they grow so fast lol
All feeding where using flower schedule as directed from fox farms since right now she’s my only indoor plant I mix 1/2 gal batches of nutes so I had to use 1/2 of all nutes recommend
I als recommend getting the dry trio from them they are used durning last week of veg and through out flower tho produce some frosty buds :+1:
Well worth the money :+1: Buddy


Man that stuff looks good. I see you posting on quite a few pages wondering if you know of anyone around here that grows indoors without a tent? Or who has in the past. Got a few questions and not sure who/where to ask.



Indoor growing isn’t cheap, but its because of the cost of the lighting, not the cost of the tent. Tents are relatively cheap depending what size you want. Bigger the tent, higher cost for lighting. Your going to need lighting either way, and lighting a room instead of a tent isgoing to get very costly.

Here is what I have.

And here are the two local residents.


@Rugar89 I asking because I’m currently finishing up making a grow room in one of the taller cubbies in my attic, I opted to not get a tent and just make the whole space have everything a tent does. But I have a few questions about smell c02 and maybe air pressure.


I think is better to put some links :grin:. I don’t get it :)))


@Countryboyjvd1971 Here is what mine looked like when she was done haha I’m so excited for you to try it it makes great hash by the way to


Looks like some potent stuff :+1::+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 so you stared these in the 3 gallons straight after a tendril popped? Do you normally do that or just because it’s an auto grow? Are the solo cups or small pots really needed or do they make any sort of advantage?


Yes I germinated my seed using the paper towel method and 24 soak in water
Then right into the 3 gal pot using ffof soil
I was taught not to use the solo cup on auto because of the growth rate
I use solo cups for photos and then transplant them cause they grow much slower
The super hash started flowerimg day 15 I think it was
The advantage of using small pots or cups with photos is you it’s harder to over water them when small :+1:
Again with auto right into 3gal forever home brother


But its so much easier to keep the RH up high for the first few weeks under a dome with the solo cups.



@Rugar89 Just buy the clear 16 oz cups, and use the cups as domes on the 3 gal pots, just set them on top of the soil over the plants…

I’ve only done autos so far, and have never re-potted yet… Something as simple as cutting a 2-Liter soda bottle in half gives you 2 nice size domes…


Ive told a lot of newbies on here about using a 2L bottle for a dome if they didn’t have one. But I just find its easier for me to start in solo cups and put them all under one dome, and control the RH for all of them at once.



@Rugar89 RH means relative humidity?



As you can see my tent RH is at 39%, while my dome RH is at 79%


Yup mine are all paid for also just have to wait for the postman to bring it.
I’ve been checking out there website and checking over the products that come with the sample pack, going to be something new using a calcium based nutrient line.


@Rugar89 that may be true but I have a small tent I use for the Autos and don’t have much of a issue Golding the humidity in it 2x2x4 and I mist fir the first few weeks ? Works for me brother
I’m not expert on Auto just doing as instructed brother :+1:
Happy growing my friend


I may as well jump in. I feel like I may have set my BBA’s back a bit because of having to transplant them as they were starting to flower. If i started them in their forever, I think they would have gotten bigger! At least they were in large cups so that they had decent room for the time they were in them. @Rugar89 @Countryboyjvd1971


I’m about to plant 9 auto seeds after work today.
I was going to start them in seed starter soil, in small containers & then transplant them to 3 gal fabric pots.

Do you think it;s best to go right into the 3 gal & skip the smaller pots?

With autos, the clock is ticking from day one to grow size.
I’m hoping to get the plants as big as possible before flower.