CB first Auto grow Super Hash


@M4ur @ktreez420 is another hydro guy that can probably help you get a list together for local purchase if you’d like to tag him


I will ask them to help me with that… Thx


The only thing I’ve heard from Europeans is that the only thing, for hydro, they can’t get is hydroguard or other “good microbial” products that keep resivours bacteria free easily. Doing a hydro grow in UK just means you have to clean it very well when you start, change res water regularly, and get some H2o2 to clean roots of bacteria


I don’t think @M4ur is in the U.K.
I forgot where he is exactly @Tonyb


Well european. if UK can’t get it, his country probably says no too.


10-4 @Tonyb he actually is just trying to get a list of equipment together and if I remember he had a hard time finding Nutes and what not earlier on as well
Guess we are lucky have access a easily a s we do to all the stuff we need ?


Est Europe bro… Ex-communist contry, so that I can’t find everything I need for my grows… Only chemical stuff, lol quality and that is for the stuff I find locally


Looks like I may have to order some lol you told me about that and I never ordered I had just got 1 gal jugs of ff nutes… my combination of stuff seems to be working so … I’ll have to run that stuff in a couple plants and compare…:+1:


Does Amazon ship to eastern Europe xD? I can help you set up a simple 1-2 plant dwc hydro set up. You can make the resivour out of a cooler you would like put ice n beer in. Cut some holes in the top, then you would put some net pots in them. If you can’t get those where you at well have to brainstorm something else you can use. Then you just need a couple of air pumps and air stones you would get at a pet store for fish aquariums. While your at the pet store grab a water sucker outer thing (wish I could think of the actual name but I’m a but high lol) you’ll need that to do ur weekly water changes. Then basically ur all set. You can put your seeds in Coco in the net pots or in like a rapid root starters n get clay pebbles to go around em if u can get clay pebbles. That’s basically all a hydro (dwc) system is.


Dwc is really simple, and is pretty beneficial. It speeds veg up alot, and is supposed to give you a 20% increase for yield. IDK if the yield thing is true cuz I haven’t done dirt, but I really want to do a side by side. For nutes and stuff I know there’s some euro growers here that do hydro. I think @Majiktoker
Also @MAXHeadRoom has some good posts about making a diy system. His is rdwc, which I think it’s extra work n would suggest you do dwc a few times first, but you could copy most of his build.


@WillyJ yeah it happens especially when you are growing all those plants lol
It’s worth the 29$ imo
If I don’t like them I’ll just go back to ff I’m planning a side by side comparison starting in a few days will be a bit before they are ready for nutes but should give a good idea :bulb: FF versus Nectar of the gods :ok_hand:


Im a soil grower but have helped put ideas in place @MAXHeadRoom has a good day hydro layout.

Ive tried both hydro and soil and found soil is my strong hold hydro I know enough to help a little


But you are euro right? I might be confusing you with another lab member.


Majiktoker is out west in the sand box @Tonyb


Hmm was it @garrigan62 that was from Europe?


Lol try again @Tonyb
Don’t say latewood either lol
I’d help but I really don’t know who you referring too


Maybe it wasn’t even a lab member lol. I remember having a conversation about hydro with someone on this forum who was european. Wish I could remember who.


Me nor will are in Europe lol like @Countryboyjvd1971 mentioned im out in a sand box in the west.

Im not sure @Tonyb I dont think any of our staff is in Europe so must have been another member


Ya I don’t really know lol :blush:


I will make a new thread about hidro… I will tag you in @Tonyb but not now…and yes amazon shipping in my country but not everything