CB first Auto grow Super Hash


@Tonyb @M4ur

I would post the link, but it may not be allowed.

Just search for Nectar For The Gods, once there, click the products link, scroll all the way to the bottom for free sample link… My shipping is $28 to Ohio…


@M4ur @FreakyDeekie I’m on board! Sent my email, I’m assuming somewhere in the 20-30 range since I’m in California, hopefully they get back soon!


Renard was telling about this earlier too. Ty for posting this this though. I had forgotten the name of the line though :/. You sir, are a life saver!


Hmm I filled out there survey for the samples and sent it in… But they didn’t ask me anything for my debit card… Just my address… Hmm


@Jmesser80 sounds great hope it works out well
I going to give them a go here soon myself popping a few gold leaf in the next couple weeks
The sample kit is well worth the cost of shipping and handling IMO
Woohoo :raised_hands:
Tag me when you start with them can’t wait to see how they preform :+1:
That’s great @M4ur let me know if they ship to you
@Tonyb they will hit you back with a email probably tomorrow
They have a couple ways to pay I believe paypal was the preferred method but they had a few options
I took about 24 hour for me to hear back from them :+1:


@Ron330 thanks bro for the visual :+1:
Your definitely going to be crowded a tent of green grow heading your way :cowboy_hat_face: :+1: Nice CB
@FreakyDeekie and @Manny_FTGUTube hahahaha they are going to run out of samples at this rate
Glad I could help all you folks out looks like the nectar of the gods will be taking over the threads for a little bit hahahahahaha to funny
@bob31 look what I started now :+1::grin:


you need to ask them for a commission john…lol your to blame for the revenue spike!lol


Might need to send Patrick a email about that Lmfao @BIGE yeah I suck lol


Just requested my sample too?
Thanks CB!


Oh ok. Sweet!


Hahahah samples for everyone yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
This is to freaking funny I love how things just explode on this forum we all share everything and things take off
So cool :sunglasses: @bob31 @BIGE you guys where the first two I told hahaha
Glad you joined the crew @North_East_Newbie




Hahahha yeah definitely not worth it at that point @M4ur


You people are so lucky leaving in the US.
I also thinking to grow in hidro but I don’t find anything in my country… :angry:. And if I order from internet is to expensive… But I will not give up :wink:


That’s the right attitude @M4ur where there’s a will there is always a way
You can set up your own hydro kits with fish tank pumps and buckets
@Donaldj can probably give you a better list of supply’s they I can I’ve never grown in hydro myself
I’m sure you could find all you need in your country


You can piece those hydro kits from local sources @M4ur There are quite a few guys here that can help you! Why don’t you start a topic on who to start a grow sourcing locally from Europe? Then we can tag in all the water growers for you.


Good idea @bob31
Give that a shot @M4ur I’m sure you’ll be happy


This is my plan for next year… I will dedicate a small room for my hobby and thinking to go with hidro… This year I only do calculations and search for stuff I will need. And I’m trying to raise some money for everything I want to do.


hahaha John like Weedville! LMAO :thumbsup::v:


@M4ur sounds like a good plan
$$$$ does dictate how deep we can get into the hobby for sure
But you have something to look forward to bro