CB first Auto grow Super Hash


You get quart bottles seven in total plus there ph up
It 100 % organic too bro
Go to thier web site for 29 it worth the try if you don’t like them don’t reuse them is my thought
I couldn’t replace what I’m currently using for that price
I was gifted this Auto bro and I think I have 1 more
You’d need to wait for me to order some before I could accommodate your request lol
I’m thinking two maybe three at most thought in 3 gal pots and that will be tight


3 gallon pots are probably only like what? 8-10 inches across? Technically I think you could get 4 in there n let them each just have 1x1 ft area. No training or anything could be done really but I bet you would get 4 Christmas tree looking plants with biiggggg 1ft long bud fox tails on the top. IDK though, that might be pushing the space lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Your probably right on 4 yeah they are about 10 inches across the pots
I did too my auto so maybe if you just let them grow 4 but it will be tight


No lst would probably hurt the yield a lil, but an extra plant could probably make up the the loss and some… IDK that’s why you are going to go to ilgm.com and buy a 5 pack of lowrider and try it out and lmk :p. Also I never really see ppl growing lowrider on this forum. Pretty curious what it’s like. I think they describe it as compact but high yielding. Sounds perfect for your " stuff 4 autos in a 2x2 tent experiment" thread you were telling me you wanted to try out :wink:


Hummmm @Tonyb you may be onto something lol
I have tried the low Ryder yet and I need to place a order for Durban poison for something I’m doing for my wife and her diabetes so may I’ll do that lol
Thanks for the idea👍


I hate how the Durban Poison doesn’t come feminized. They’re really expensive and you could end up getting 5 males if u were unlucky


I know but o need the thcv that in the plant so I’ll need to take the chance and all my research that was the best option for what I’m looking for @Tonyb


What are you trying to do?


I need to make oils for my wife she’s a type one diabetic and I have a few recipes that should help reduce her blood sugar levels naturally but need thcv and Durban poison is one of the higher yielding plants with it
My research and help from @bob31
Says strains from Africa are high in thcv and Iglm only has Durban poison


Ahhh. Well hopefully for her it helps!


@Countryboyjvd1971 I just signed up for the free samples a few minutes ago. You mentioned these on a previous post I had posted about so I’m going to give them a shot. I currently grow organic so it will be a nice comparison to what I currently use. Thanks for the info on these nutes. Definitely worth a shot.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Tonyb the 3 gal pots I am using are about are about 9 inches wide, 9 inches high… This is what 9 of them look like in a 3x3 tent

It is going to be very crowded. Am only about a week from seed now, will see how it looks in a couple weeks…

Also have the free samples on the way, which I am going to use on this grow, by the time they get here, I should be ready to start nutes…


Where @Jmesser80 I want a free sample to :slight_smile:


@M4ur they are from a company called nectar for the gods. You just have to answer some questions and give them your address so they can give you a shipping quote. You have to pay for shipping but @Countryboyjvd1971 said it ended up being about $29. Check out the website I don’t want to post a link for a competitor website. I haven’t gotten a confirmation email yet but only sent it in a half hour ago.


Yep… Find them and give them a try… Fingers crossed! Thx @Jmesser80 and @Countryboyjvd1971


No problem. I actually just ordered 2 flower power starter packs as well. Just waiting on the confirmation. Can’t wait for my next grow it’s going to be a doozy


Next year I will go big on this hobby… Now is just I afford.


@Jmesser80 I just got my tracking number for these nutes. Sounds like a good deal! Thanks for the heads up on this



For Nectar of the gods? @FreakyDeekie
If yes when you apply for them and how much is shipping? @Manny_FTGUTube here you go


Lemme get that link for the sample nutes brahh (: