CB first Auto grow Super Hash


And I can’t wait to try it I’ll be thinking of you when I do brother @Hogmaster


How’s the back ? You hard at work again today hope your back gets better buddy


Yeah I’m back at work @Hogmaster
Not doing much lol but I’m here and hiding in my hole lol it only 74 in NYC today as a high so nobody will be looking for me :+1:
My back is ok today bro
It always a problem I have 2 herniated discs and a few more bulging disc as well lower back ?
It’s always sore but sometimes I just move the wrong way or to fast and boom :boom: I’m done lol
Getting ready to have coffee and a smoke break down at the park lol


You’ll have to give me a picture from way up there I don’t think I’ve ever been in a building that tall


Oh jezz I have some great shots I need to find for you then brother
I used to tell all my helpers slow down and take in the views
I’ve been on the roof of some of the best buildings in the city over my 25 year career @Hogmaster
I have /had pictures on roof of the Chrysler building Empire State Building etc area that the public wasn’t allowed lol
Can’t imagine never seeing a building that high I guess I’m a bit jaded on that since I’ve worked my whole adult life in NYC
I think that great when I retire I’ll never come back into this crap :poop: city lol :+1:


Yeah 20 30 floors is probably the tallest building in this entire state


That sounds great currently my tallest build is only 10 stories I’m just north of the sky scrapers of mid town I work in a area know as the upper east side
I’ll definitely look for those pictures when I get home tho @Hogmaster


Thanks buddy


Say whatttttt! @Countryboyjvd1971…45days and she’s that full of sugar and so delicious! An my ak47 auto is in day 83 and much early in flower…
Voodoo man!


I’ve heard alot of ppl thinking there a autos r taking longer than they should. I just think it’s one of the longer lifespan autos. My NLA finished just around 75 days doin it hydro


I’m with you @Tonyb I was told this one should finish around that 70 mark as well
@M4ur your funny I started feeding flower nutes as soon as I saw pistols even tho she was young only feed her a few times the whole grow so far been a few weeks since last feeding need to check run off and see if she need more food


Ya. It makes me not even wanna try that strain. I’ve seen threads about them n it’s taken over 100 days to finish. The extra time is like 1/3 of the growth time for your next auto :wink:


I believe @bob31 had one that took that long 100 days lol
I’ll just grow photo ak47 instead hahahaa @Tonyb


You might as well being at that point. It would take a liiillllll bit longer n you’d get more bud probably


That’s my train of thought as well brother an extra 30 days or a little more but at that point where is the saving with an auto right
This super hash is my first one so not a lot of experience with them I’m a photo guy love the control I have with them @Tonyb


I’m just a noob with 1 grow under my belt haha! I’m trying to decide weather I should be an auto guy or a photo guy, lol. I’m doing a gold leaf grow right now and after I’m planning on doing a biggg auto grow to empty my seed bank so I can reason buying new ones >:]. Hopefully those two grows will give me enough experience growing to decide which I want to stick with for the main attention of my grow space


I like the control with photos since you can let them veg as long as you see fit you alway gwtvthe size plants you want but it does take longer in the end it’s a personal choice I think Auto growers can achieve almost the same wieght at the end of the year in the same amount of space I can get 2 at most photo grows in a year in my tents if I was doing these auto super hash budgeting by this one I’d say I get three or more grows in the same time period ??
Less wieght more often or more wieght less often?? It’s a dilemma for sure lol


No matter what I’m going to have at least one photo or 1 auto going at all times basically here on out(once I get my 2nd tent it’s 100% I’ll have at least one going). At some point I want to fill my 2x2 with just one monster of a plant that takes up the hole thing. When I do that grow I’ll probably be able to tell which type would gross me more bud over time, auto or photo.


Yeah I have three tent total two 4x4x7 tents and a 2x2x4 that I bought originally for seedlings and early veg plants but I have decided it will serve better as a Auto tent so I’ll be ordering a few auto beans soon
I have pleanty of photo seeds at the moment
I’ll be dropping a few gold leaf photos in a few weeks
I am planning on a test grow using nectar of the gods nute line and my current ff nute line
I got a sample from nectar full line quart bottles for 29 $ s&h go to there web site if interested they have a sample link on it
A few of got them
And one gold leaf in my other under a scrog screen
Plus another Auto when I finish this current one up :+1:


Is it supposed to be a good nute line? My base nutes are about up n was kinda thinking of switching to bontonicares base nutes to match all my other supplements. I’d be 100% organic almost then, except for my GH pk boost. But if it’s a good line… For 29$ that’s a pretty sick deal. How big are the bottles you get?

Also can you do me a favor with your 2x2 tent, and pack it with as many autos as u can. I’m curious if I could get away with 4 in it :x lol. To use up the rest of my autoflower seeds I would need to grow 4 in my tent and 1 in my cab. Then I can buy more seeds n not feel guilty cuz I’ll be out of autos and only have like 2 or three photos left >:]!