CB first Auto grow Super Hash


I actually water water feed which works out to about one a week feeding and yes about a gal maybe a little more when they are still in veg but once the roots are fully developed about 1 gal should be more than enough
I usually have to water every second or third day brother
I don’t let my soil completely dry out just the top 2/3 or so @bob31
It ssh time in the park for me yayyyyyyyy


nice, I know you like that park bench! hahaha

Sounds good. I’m going to give them some water this morning and i will update my journal. Enjoy the SSH @Countryboyjvd1971


Tag me when you do brother


well the kit finally arrived!! lol i have a special super skunk i’m going to run with it…along with a better light situation,i hope! lol


Woohoo @BIGE
I’m plan on doing a side by side comparison with my ff and nectar just to see cost wise they are about the same and the nectar line I 100% organic where as the ff is not
When you start the skunk definitely tag me I won’t be starting my next grow for a few weeks
I promised Wifey I would wait till after the family BBQ she planned for second week of August but that alimony here now lol :+1:


ohh,she has already broke ground john…lol i will get some pictures up asap…


Hey guys a little update in the super hash she 45 days old from sprout give it take a day

@BIGE @WillyJ @Smokin_ernie @Willd @bob31
@kabongster @ktreez420 @North_East_Newbie @Jmesser80
Thanks again @Hogmaster she’s a beautiful plant
Smell like cotton candy and chocolate mixed together
If that makes sense sweet chocolate if I may lol
Woohoo she’s still packing it on so a few more weeks till harvest time :+1::v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


Looks great! And sound like the smell is divine!


Sounds delicious :+1:she is beautiful!


Boy @Countryboyjvd1971 if you can get a little better pic, she is a serious BOM Contender!


She’s gettin’ all frosty!
Going to fatten up nicely


I can’t enter her she not from these guys I don’t think
She was gifted to me @bob31
Thanks @North_East_Newbie she smells great too can’t wait to taste her lol


I’m about to start some AK-47 autos.
Getting back in the game! WOOHOO!


Looking good enough to eat!
I can’t wait until my next grow. (I guess technically I’m currently growing but I mean my next indoor grow)


Nice :+1: @North_East_Newbie Autos are fun
I’ll grow one in between photos I think just for kicks
My gold leaf are photos I doing one under a scrog in a tent all to her self and two more in a test grow side by side comparison grow
Using nectar of the gods nutes line and fox farm nutes
Using 14/10 veg and 12/12 flower dropping down to 10/14 for last two or three weeks of flower


I’m with you.
Got an outdoor grow going, but feel like mother nature is doing that one for me.
Getting the itch to start indoor again!


I usualy only grow indoors during the winter months. I have 2 autos outside currently but the weather in my area hasn’t been great so I’m not expecting to get a lot out of them. I feel more at home inside having more control over everything.


@Jmesser80 I used to be an outdoor guy only till I moved indoors last winter
I had so many issues in the last few years outdoors between critters that got my grow two summers ago forcing me indoors and this year temps caused my original outdoor plants to hermi on me
I was smart enough to have a couple back up girls inside just in case my point is I’m not sure if I’ll be doing a grow outdoors next year or not
Lol who am I kidding yes I am :+1::v:️ CB
I know myself I’ll put something out I’m sure


I figured it wouldn’t hurt trying a few outdoors, worst case it wouldn’t work out but so far they are doing ok but if it was more of a normal summer I think they would be doing great. At least they are starting to bud so something must be going right👍


That super hash sure looks great can’t wait for you to try it