CB first Auto grow Super Hash


That’s great news CB!!!


Watch out @Countryboyjvd1971 is turning into an auto grower! Lol. I like them cuz you have something to smoke while waiting on the big girls to finish! Good luck on the expanded grow too! :+1:


sounds great john! you must be in good with the boss lady!! lol


Lmao the boss lady is just cool as hell @BIGE lol
Thanks @MattyBear yeah I think I’m sold on the Autos but still will only grow them as a secondary grow photos will always be in my main tents I like the control you have over the photos


oh man, this should be awesome! Expanding is always a blast!! Congrats on the good news! Let me know if you need a hand in the remodel :wink:



Will do @ktreez420 and FYI I didn’t forget about you I’m still hunting info down ny brother it’s turning out to be harder to locate than I thought lol


It’s all good dude, I ended up just taking it apart the best I could, cleaning her out and throwing her into the grow room. I’m so happy too, my temps are exactly where I want them, 72F at night and the highest it’s been since installing the AC unit has been 79F!!! Phenomenal, I just wish I had the AC from the beginning! Craigslist and $90 have made such a difference lol



That’s what you needed to do bro very cool it working out my friend


i got back with patrick and he is shipping my delinquent package today! lol


@BIGE Did they say it shipped originally and it got lost or they never shipped it ? Wow that’s weird


naw,it was my fault getting the pay # back to them…lol


Glad to hear your getting those too @BIGE


Woo hoo @Countryboyjvd1971 Great news. Looking forward to seeing the new grow room.


yes,who knows it may be the best yet bob…lol


@BIGE hahahha yeah they don’t ship it with out that
And you never know it is worth the try imo
@AnneBonny thanks I’m excited about it I’m working things out in my head now so I can maximize the space I will have available
Did you start using yours yet @bob31


no I didn’t because I still had some of the FF left that I want to use up before I try the other stuff. I was gonna do a side by side, but I will leave that to you. Too much of a PIA to mix up two different batches on nutes just to try on two plants. I would be wasting more than I’d be using!

Which does bring me to a question. We were talking about nutes one time. Did you say that if it normally takes you five gallons to water/ feed that you add all the nutes to the first gallon and then just ph water after that? @Countryboyjvd1971


No @bob31 I actually mix my nutes because I have grow enough plants in five gallon batches and I also ph a second five gallon of just water
I’ll add my nutes and finish with the water so I’ll feed about 1/2-3/4 gallon of nute mix and they some water depending on the runnoff
I’ll check ppm as needed bob
Does that make sense to you ?


Sure, I just mis-remembered how you described it! @Countryboyjvd1971


Hey @bob31 I am mixing 1/2 gal batches right now because all I have is the one auto hash growing


oh I know where I was going. I have the GL in a 5 gallon pot. How much water you think she’ll take when dry? About? I know what that the three’s take about a half gallon so I’m figuring just around a gallon?

Are you still water feed water feed

feed once a week, water once a week repeat?

I notice mine are feeling pretty dry after only 4 days.