CB first Auto grow Super Hash


@Countryboyjvd1971 this will be your grow :joy:… Let’s see how you doing


lol I’ll update outdoor grow tomorrow
I need to get pictures
Unfortunately Im working with the backup plants in the green house the original ines hermied lol
And this Auto will look something like that picture in my small tent when finished lol nice @M4ur Hahahahaha


Nice I’m hopeful for a decent harvest she’s buding nicely @Hogmaster I did do a little super cropping early but she’s to hard to attempt more than some LST ridge now I think I’m just going to let her be herself? And see what happens brother I have 9 or 10 bud sites right now all getting light so :+1::cowboy_hat_face::v:


Tag me when you post the new pictures @BIGE
And I’m getting excited to try the super hash never had it myself brother


i’m going to do that right now john…they are still feeling it from me leaning them over,but they will bounce back…i still have some bud sites i need to bring to the top.i done this at the last minute this morning and my time ran out…i just woke them up…
super hash=has a mint taste,like a merit menthol cigarette…lol my boss smoked them is how i know that…lol a even head/body stone that you can still function when using…lol it kinda gets my gear head going,fixing things,working out in yard,and fishing among other things…lol


Nice @BIGE I understand they sometimes look worse before they look better brother
Woohoo can’t wait to see them :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face:
And can’t wait to try this super hash


@North_East_Newbie here’s the pic under natural light I promised lol 34 days from sprout

@bob31 @Jmesser80 @Smokin_ernie @kabongster @Hogmaster @Rugar89 @Nug-bug @Willd


Impressive to say the least. Looking good.


Agreed! Ole cb got the touch!


Dark green healthy leaves & compact bud site.
Someone is master of their craft…
Thanks for the daylight pictures CB, you can see how amazing your grow is!!!


Nice and healthy…great job as always!:+1:


You are crazy @Countryboyjvd1971… Whit what you feed her :joy:


:fox_face: farm nutes @M4ur followed the flower schedule
Hahahahaha @North_East_Newbie I don’t know about being a master lol but I’m happy with how she looks brothers :+1:


Definitely I will buy that nutes @Countryboyjvd1971… They seem to make a good job


They are good @M4ur a lot of use the fox farm line
I’ve heard great things in the flower power from Iglm as well I think I’m going to try them out in a grow or two
I have nectar of the gods nutes I’ll be doing a side by side grow using them and fox farms next grow
Using Gold leaf beans :+1:


I read about that gold leafs… And it’s awesome… Maybe I will buy that strain… I will let you first :joy:


Your welcome to watch when I start growing them beans are ready to go but I need a few weeks lol


So just a little update will feed my auto again today third feeding she getting stinky lol not that I’m complaining
So I was talking to Wifey over the weekend and once I have this Auto in jars I’ll be redesigning my grow room as my wife gave me her blessing to expand👍
Not going to be a huge grow room but any more room I can gain is good for me
I’m hoping I get at least enough room to set up a fourth tent 4x4x7 :cowboy_hat_face: With decent access to all sides that would be great
@BIGE @bob31 @kabongster @Zombo @North_East_Newbie @Hogmaster


mmmmmm…I love stinky…and more hairs and sticky, then plumping up and finally ambering of trichs, curing and smoking!

I have to take a pass on harvesting…the love isn’t quite there, a lot of trimming on a good grow!


Yeah and these things grow so fast o should be done by end of month early Aug at the latest @kabongster
And week or so to remodel and then it’s gold leaf time brother
I going to placing a order for some more beans I think I’m. Going to grab a few Autos just for the fun of it lol while I’m waiting for the photos to grow out :+1:
It need beans for Wifey first tbsnnif I can afford a few Autos ill through them in cart as well :+1: