Caveman86 2.2 grow - Lemon Jeffery

Thank you guys! I appreciate it!
I was wondering your thoughts on finishing up. Breeder says 70 days to harvest, I’m within 20 days of that time wise. I figured 4 weeks at least, but am questioning myself a bit.
I know to watch the trichomes, but regarding a flush, should I go by the breeders 70 day mark and think about water only after this week or should I go by initial though and go another 2.
Sorry for the stupid question, just doubting myself on this at the moment.


If you were in coco I would say wait for about a week before you think they are ready. Most shoot for 2 weeks before the chop before water only for soil that I have seen. You want to feed these as long as you can to keep them building up. It sounds like you still have a ways to go before you start thinking about just water. All your pistols are still white and straight. So I think you are right in thinking about 5 more weeks to go. The breeder info is just a guide. You will find some finish early and some late. She is looking great though. nice job :+1:


Did a quick peak just before lights came on tonight.

Also started 2 more, gorilla glue autos from ILGM.
I believe these are 16-18 days above soil. Just transplanted them last night.