Caveman86 2.2 grow - Lemon Jeffery

Hey guys, thought I’d start another journal for this grow that I started today.

-Irie genetics Fem Lemon Jeffery
-Gorilla 2x4 tent
-hlg 260r
-5 gallon radicle bags
-happy frog soil
-ac infinity 6”
-inkbird controller
-250w heater
-heat 78 humidifier set to 65
Light is 33” from top of cup at 50% on the dimmer

I started soaking them on the 25th, they cracked the next day and were in the dirt on the 26th. Both seeds broke soil yesterday and both lost their helmet this morning.

I’m wondering what is a good light height for the hlg in my tent.

Happy growing!


I’d say that’s about right. Just keep your eye on the babies, if you notice any issues starting you can raise it. If you notice they are getting to leggy then lower it a little.


7 day update!
It’s been 7 days and they’re still plugging along. Had to support them both as they were a little too heavy the other day.
Temps in the tent are 81, rh is 65%. Light is set to half on the dimmer switch and they are at about 30-31” away.
Tonight is water day and I think I’m going to give them each some recharge in the water.
Will be 4 oz each ph’d to 6.5 with 1/4 tsp of recharged mixed in a gallon of water.
Enough talk, here’s the pictures.
First picture is #1, second is #2 and the third-#1 on right, #2 on the left.



Your new setup looks awesome! Funny you brought up the light height. I just cooked two babies about two weeks ago because I forgot to adjust the light intensity. Burnt them to a crisp with my 135 lamp.

You’re definitely on the right track…trust the steps of your previous grow…you nailed that one! The bigger light does take some time getting used to, but the watt meter takes the guess work out of the settings, especially if you err on the side of ‘less’.


Another update from last night.
Yesterday was transplant day and it went much better than my auto grow did. I’ll chalk the successful ness up to the fact that my fiancé did it for me :slight_smile:

Followed the transplanting up by giving them a good watering, each probably got 1/4 gallon or so, maybe a little more. Ph’d to 6.6, ppms of 250 and I added 1/4 tsp of recharge. After that was added the ph went up to 6.8. There was no run off to test last night.
Final homes are 5 gallon radicle bags, filled with happy frog soil/perlite.
Nothing added at this point besides the recharge. Will I still want to wait another 3-4 weeks before adding any nutrients as the soil is fresh and should get me by another few weeks?
I have a bunch of questions regarding this grow, but for some reason I’m drawing blanks at the moment. I’m sure they’ll come flooding back later.
Anyways, let me know how it looks.
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@IP54 how do they look? How’s your grow going?

Looking green and healthy.


Your plants look great, nice and healthy…how old were they when you did the transplant?

My current 2 plants are in the home stretch…I had to run one an extra week because I needed the small tent to start 4 more seedlings. Not through planning, but they all hatched about 3-4 days apart…so maybe that’s a good thing come harvest time since I use the small tent as my drying area. A staggered finish would make life easier.

One goes dark starting Friday morning, so I’ll chop that one on Sunday. The buds are so heavy that it’s flopping around as I move it…LOL. The other one is still building bud weight, so that one will go dark once the other plant is done drying. That’ll leave the four babies in the 2x4 tent. Should be an interesting third grow!


I just read about the strain you’re growing…very cool! Can’t wait to watch your journey and the results of the love you’ll give these two ladies.


@Caveman86 +10 points for the fiancé lol

You don’t want run off while growing in nutrient rush soil as long as your not feeding alot of nutrients. Which you shouldn’t be if your in soil, a little bit of recharge should be okay but not much else.
Week 4 i would conduct a soil slurry test, check your PH and your tds. This will give you a good idea how your doing and if it’s time to feed or just keep watering. When you do have to feed thats When you want off to avoid salt build up up which causes PH lockout.


Good luck brother. I’m planning on dropping some seeds soon.

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Looking good there. @IP54 You may want to drop those cups into a dark colored cup. To protect the roots from light if you don’t all ready do that :+1:

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I do…I take red solo cups, cut off the bottoms, and slip them on. I removed them for the ‘photo shoot’. :rofl:

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I figured so. I have seen a few that were not aware of that. I used black cups over my clear cups when I was using plastic to start with.

I hear ya’. As a new indoor grower, I really need the clear cups give me an idea of when to transplant. I’m just starting to get a handle on the transplant timeframe, yet…each plant is very different. So far it seems that 2-3 weeks is when I should move them to a larger pot…3 gallon in my case.

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Water night last night.
Water going in:
5ml calmag
6.5 ph
470 ppm
Water coming out:

Run off numbers are HIGH! but it’s more inline with my first grow. Remember this is fresh happy frog soil, so I should expect my numbers to be high like this, right?
I’ll post a couple pictures tonight. I do have some yellowing spots on a leaf or two on #2, but I think it’s from me getting some water on them last time I watered.

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I haven’t used soil before @Myfriendis410


At that age you should not be watering to runoff. Happy Frog has everything you need for 4 to 6 weeks and adding/supplementing will almost always cause issues. Some cultivars respond well to FF soil and some don’t; you’ll simply have to monitor them.

Watering to runoff prematurely depletes soil.


I know and @Nicky just said the same thing to me the other day.
I didn’t necessarily intend to water until run off starting out last night. I gave #1 about a 1/2 gallon of water and some dripped out the bottom, but not enough to test. Ended up pouring a little more through the one to get enough to test (1/4 of a solo cup or so). The first one came up with the 5.9 so I figured I’d do the same with the second to see what it was. At most I got about the 1/4 of a solo cup out of it.
I’ll cut back my watering though until later.

This is where I get confused. I thought we were supposed to water to run off every watering. Is that only true after the 4-6 weeks or only when adding nutrients?
Roughly how much water do you think I should be giving these two at this stage?
Last water I used about 100 oz of water to get the little bit of run off that I got. Should I just lower it a little so I don’t get the run off or cut it in half?
Sorry to bother you with this, just wondering is all.