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A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"what would happen to the seeds if it was just left alone and let nature take it’s course ?

The reason I’m asking is because I have just tried a winter crop outdoors ( I’m in Australia and temps range from 10c - 22c during the day with about 8hrs of full sunlight ). The plants germinated well and were thriving to about15 - 20cm tall then they stopped growing and started flowering. I just repotted them but they are dying off. Any suggestions ? Also, how much natural fertilizer ( chicken / cow manure ) should I use ? I would like to grow naturally and hopefully all year round as we have a lot of sun here in Oz."

Do you have any pictures sounds like they arent getting enough light and that would answer why they flowered also are they auto flowers or photoperiods as this could be anything the cause of this as well

I was growing this way in the past… Put some seeds in dirt and let nature take care of them… But I ended whit a lot of seeds and low stuff…(at 150-200m was wild hemp so from there was pollinate) you need to take a little care of them.

They are nearly dead now so will throw them out soon. As I said above 8hs sun . They were feminised seeds but not autoflower, don’t know what photoperiods are ? Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

Photoperiods are plants that need to be triggered for flowering, and that would likely be why they flowered 8 hours of sun isnt enough to keep a plant vegetating

Thanks mate … : )

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Sorry made a mistake it isn’t efficient enough to keep a plant vegetating @leonyam.

To keep a plant vegetating it needs 14 hours of light minimal

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OK Thanks again mate … : )

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