Caterpillars on my buds

Can I use captain jacks dead bug brew on my buds to kill caterpillars they are almost 1 month into budding. If so will it harm my final product or slow growth down. Thanks for any advice.

I had some but I just started checking plants every day and pulled them off then stepped on them lol I found this to work wonders and no spraying needed.


Thanks thats what I’ve been doing so far about 5 a day just don’t want them
to get out of hand

Wow 5 each day? I found that these green caterpillars were dug into some of the stock right where a leaf came out. I looked and found 4 more holes I pulled that whole spot out.


Check out my topic worms in my stalk. I had the same problem. Its certain type of worm. Theres pics and what i did. Case indidnt notice anybsign of them. If there there. Theres a lot of them .

This is her today.


I’ve been lucky and had none getting into the stems just the buds getting
in the stems might kill the whole plant


I hope this helps


Caterpillars (cutworms, cabbageworms, ect.)

There are several different kinds of catapillars that may affect cannabis plants, mainly the ones that affect the plants, do almost the same damage, some do more severe depending on the numbers you have eating on your plants. Most caterpillars will do damage by chewing holes in the leaves, the holes will be kind of big, if so you know it’s not going to be a smaller kind of pest.
If you find caterpillars have been eating at your plants and you need to get rid of them; there are several non-toxic and least toxic methods to choose from. You can also shake your plant a bit to make the caterpillars fall off your plants. . If your plants are affected during late flowering or close to harvest, please try to use the safest means of control to be safe to your health.

Prevent and Control

Hand picking: Easy way to control them is to pick them up and knock them into a bucket of soapy water. If you are scared about handling caterpillars, you can use some gloves or have someone else pick them up for you.

BTK in dust form can be used to kill caterpillars. BTK can also be used to foliar spray your plants. One tablespoon of neem oil added to your BT mix helps stick the mix to the plants better when you are foliar spraying… BTK is available in liquid form. Apply BTK on all of the leaves both top and underside If you decided using the dust kind,spray your plants down with water before you apply the dust Apply every week to 2 weeks and or after it rains. The caterpillars must eat the BT as they are feeding on foliage in order for the caterpillars to be rid of.


Insecticidal soaps, neem, oil, and spinosad are the safest insecticides that can be used to control… Soaps and neem are non-toxic and are great to use when you have a lot of pests and want to be friendly to nature and its animals. Spinosad works very very good in controlling the caterpillar population and is non toxic to wild-life, pets, and humans. It hardly has any impact at all on the plants.

caterpillar damage


Thank you for your advice. Been picking them for now. Got me some spinosad
just in case I can’t control them. They hide very well in the buds.

they like the pistils…no hairs is a sign of them.
unfortunately, the poop they leave behind is something to look for, too…small, dark beads, little pellets, whatever you call the stuff…

when you have those things, find that bug!!

Is it OK, and safe to spay buds with diluted neem oil that are almost ready to be harvested off the plant to prevent more caterpillars? Thank you! PS thanks for the great info!


Either way… avoid spraying the buds directly, but a bit of over-spray/drift will happen, and will HELP…
You want them to be dried or mostly dry before the light gets intence (or comes on indoors)but NOT to be sitting in the dark all night after being sprayed… they need a LOT of air-flow and some light afterward to keep you from getting bud-rot or fungi…
I can also show you a video on cleaning your buds.

Hope this helps

Yeah that would be awesome and very helpful if he could share that video with me! And thank you for your response! Yes I’ve already experienced some bud-rot, and must constantly combat it. My garden is outdoors and the humidity where live is very high and we get a lot of rain, and extremely hot smoldering sun. I’ve learned SO much since a through a dozen seeds in some soil about 6 months ago! Now I have 5 that have been doing well… They are all a little different in variety. This is all been a great experiment and experience for me, such an interesting and beautiful plant!

I know this is for powdery mildew
But you get idea I’m sure

Hope this helps



Here is that video…sorry it took so long…but better late than never Right?



Definitely better late than never! thank you SO much! I really appreciate it! :v:

Hi. I hope this isn’t like piggy backing? I had many tiny green caterpillars. Tell me if you know anything about this… I used clove oil spray. One teaspoon to a quart of water and then sprayed leaves… Love how it smells. So far haven’t seen any more caterpillars but it was just a couple days ago.