Caterpillars are decapitating my buds!

I have small green caterpillars attacking my buds on my outdoor plant. It’s about a month into budding. The little fuggars don’t eat a whole bud, the eat the stem, killing a couple dozen buds. I’ve been picking them off all day; I don’t want to treat the plants at this point.

It’s only one plant that’s infested but so many buds have been lost. My question is, will the plant try to replace the damaged buds in the month or so left?

The plant will not replace the flowers damaged. Captain Jacks dead bug is safe to use in flowering, but examining the plant manually will be the best use of time. Kill the buggers!


BT is safe to use its harmless to people and animals and won’t hurt your plants/buds.


Thanks for the advice. I think I’m ahead of the curve now, picking them off as soon as they get big enough to see. But they did a lot of damage. Lots of dead bud.

I had flocks of little butterflies come through the last couple of weeks and they loved my one exposed plant. I will know next year to look for caterpillars afterwards.

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I applied Captain Jack Deadbug to my plants every day for the past three days but I have continued to see evidence of caterpillars and picked two off this morning. They looked healthy, like they had a couple of great days grazing on Captain Jacks.

Does it actually work?

I use BT. It works well.

BT is made for caterpillars only and should work bette on them than Captain jacks