Caterpillars and/or cutworms, should I harvest?

A question from a fellow grower:

I am having trouble with Catapillars and/or cutworms.The insect is about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long and looks like the catapillar on your site. I am in Northern California Sacramento/Folsom U.S. area and I want my beautiful plants to get to harvest. I am about ready to harvest but would like to allow them to grow for another 6to8 weeks or so if at all possible. I am reluctant to use a chemical on them at this point. I am tempted to harvest instead of chemically treating as I do not know if it will hurt the plant or the person consuming. As you guessed they don’t have marijuana on the lable for application and instruction of chemical. The major chemical in the insecticide for this is Carbaryl. Have you heard of this? Sevin is brand name. It is a spray but again I am reluctant. Last year I grew two plants with no issues. This year I got four and they are very healthy bushy , skunky and doing awesome! Indica is my plant of choice but I have a Sativa as well this year. They are approximately 6 months old and the buds are about 3-4 inches in diameter. Some are 6 inches to a foot long! Has been 107 degrees plus for a week now. I have been feeding Miracle Grow plant food 24-8-16 (nitrogen, phosphate, soluble pot ash} daily or weekly. Water twice a day. 6am and just after dark. Right now I have Miricle Grow Bloom Plus (10-60-10) (nitrogen, phosphorus,potassium) in the water. What would you do? Harvest now with what I got or chance it and insecticide them? Whatever I do I need to do it immediately!!! What are your thoughts or ideas on this? I am open as to what to do and just an amature. I do not want to lose these plants as they are beautiful!!!. And not to mention all the work I have put in. Also I could use some input as to how to dry and cure in 100 degree weather. (unless I can talk the wife into letting me use a bedroom which ain’t looking good…:frowning: It is 74 degrees inside with A/C all the time.) Back to this catapillar thing. I have a praying mantis on each plant but I still keep finding the catapillars. Damage has been a minimum but I only started seeing them within the last week. Feel free to contact me as much as you love these plants as I have some nice specimens. Just need some assistance. I am available 24/7 at the phone number below and/or by email or text. I just need some help. The dispensaries around here are split on what to do. It is legal here with card which I have. Can you please please help asap. I need to make a decision this weekend. I just don’t trust it. What to do, what to do? I would appreciate a reply and would LOVE to chat with you phone to phone or by computer. Like I said 24/7 if I know when you would like to converse. Could send pictures as well if needed. Like I said , no noticeable damage yet but I am not waiting for it. I will harvest if you think that is the answer. Look forward to your quick reply

I could not read through all that.

How old are your plants?

Fill out a support ticket, so I can decipher the different issues you are dealing with.

Like Latewood said fill out the support ticket. Then download the grow bible from this site, it’s easy read. It will answer Most of what you need.

What is the best way to kill catapillers ? They just attacked my plants yesterday … They are 4 weeks into flower . They have p/m issues I sprayed them yesterday with advid and that helps keep them off but some of the catapillers are still eating the leaves .

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