Caterpillar of some type

Eating the chlorophyll from the leaves.

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Start spraying with Captain Jack’s Deadbug spinosad and look for any bore wholes in the stems. They can destroy a plant in a day or two.
Lethal little bugger

I cut open a stem

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That’s one of those Cannibis Nolongercuz species / street name “Eat your shit up”… Types. Alternate days on Capt Jacks and Monterey BTk or any BT with the Kurstaki variant in it.


Trouble is my store is closed today. I spray the plant liberally with vinegar/water but so far they just rented u-hauls and are moving

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Monterey BTk you can get at Ace or Lowes HD whatever big box you have even walmart here.
My HD even has CJDB rtu spray. I dont know any Kitchen recipes for caterpillars…some tiny bugs are easy soap and water.

I found something btk caterpillar killer. Going to apply right now thanks everybody

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That worm will burrow into your flower and cause bud rot. I’m the voice of experience…likely culprit is the ‘cabbage louper’.


Did the moth lay eggs on the plant? Not sure how so many got on the plant and none on the other plant in the same box. I have seen moths around lately and a few even got inside the house. I think they sit on the door and fly in why the door is opened. When i do a google image search of the caterpillar i get back a moth that looks similar.

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Diligence, I’m sure you already know.

Nothing with bugs ever seems as if it is really once and done, its break life cycle and maintain.

Wrap a piece of tinfoil around the main stem towards the bottom it will make it so the ones that fall cant crawl backup. I use this trick on my lenon tree and it works 100% against catapilars.

Hopefully that holds you over till you can get the right type of spray.

I found some recommended killer locally and gave the plant a good spray and it seems to be pest free. I cant believe the damage it did in a few hours. I you left them for a few days your crop would be ruined.

What good to prevent the moths from laying eggs in the plants? I see a few flying around now. I do wash the plants regular with a mist from a hose but it must not be enough to removr the eggs.