Caterpillar in my strains?

I use a garlic soap cayenne pepper spray and it seemed to do well until now? So close to harvest any ideas on how to stop what they are etc?

Sitting here with tweezers. They are apparently on multiple plants. Nooo

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They look like gypsy moth, here’s a chart that may help you identify it more precisely,


In any case, independently of what species it is, Bt-k is very effective to fight against caterpillars, …

It do not kill on contact. They have to ingest it, however, in a 2-3 hours window, they will stop eating, munching on your plant, incapable of nourrish them self and die anywhere between 2 to 7 days, :skull::wink:

It’s a Bacillus thuringiensis var k, Bt-k to be short, and you can pretty easely find it at your garden store, Amazon or big shopping surfaces.

Hope that’s helping you, @HighDesertFarmer

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Thank you so much @Niala ! It looks like the bt-k is even OMRI listed so I can use it around my place no problem at all. Walmart even carries it, so I’m off to make the 2hour trip to grab it.
I read some people in Cali are also having green caterpillar issue in another thread and are using mosquitoes nets to stop moths landing. I’ll try this after I spray the stuff.

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You’re welcome, @HighDesertFarmer it’s always a pleasure to help fellow grower’s :grinning:

And you’re right, it’s listed for organic grow production and it’s safe to use…

Their is no known toxic effects on humans, mammals, birds, fish or other beneficial insects.

Oh, can you pick some closer pictures of concern hermi or male question of the area that you post on the other topic you made earlier, it will be judicious and appreciate :slight_smile:, thanks,

~Al :v: :innocent:

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:slight_smile: Sure @Niala I will absolutely take some better pics when I get back to the farm. Just rolling to the city to grab some of this caterpillar death and I am about an hour down a dirt road before pavement even starts :wink: Will be this eve some time.

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@HighDesertFarmer There is no rush, it’s not like a life or death situation, lol, :wink::slight_smile:, it’s may even to soon to tell for sure, however, it will definitely help, just to have compare ones with later pictures update , :wink:

Drove around checked 5 stores and nada. Sad. 2 day wait now for amazon. Nervous! Got some neem.oil anyway for now…maybe the smell will curb their appetite.