Catching Run Off


What do you use to catch run off from fabric pots? I watered for run off yesterday and my fabric pot rests too snug that I think the run off got sucked back up. The bottom of the saucer was just wet. So my question it how do you catch run off? Is it one big tray with a lip that all pots lay in or is there a better solution?

Problem is I have a small tent (2x4) so getting too big of a saucer would cut into my space. That might be my only solution because one big basin to catch all defeats the purpose of measuring run off per plant, or should I not care since they’re all potted in the same soil (FFOF) and let them all go to one big basin?


I personally use 14" saucers for my 5 gl. fabric pots. They fit with about an inch space all the way around. I have 17" saucers but they are too big for my 32"x32" tent. I use a 60ml syringe to draw out the runoff. It’s a little labor intensive but I haven’t come up with a better method yet. Flushing will be interesting, lol. I want to keep my plants separate because I’m growing 2 different strains and sure enough, the runoff is a little different between strains.


Hydro stores sell various sized trays for individual pots, they work. I use a boot tray, one tray for 2 pots. Anything that will hold water should work really.

One thing I’ve noticed with the fabric pots, is that you may have a little more luck putting something underneath it to elevate it slightly. Like a couple of small bricks or whatever. That will allow the water to run completely through and easy to collect.


I use an old wire rack sitting on 4x4blocks… makes runoff alot easier


That’s pretty clever @SilentHippie about the syringe. Right now I’m using probably a 12" saucer which makes it snug. My other two plants are actually using 2 disposable tin foil pans lol.

I do have a boot tray @dbrn32 and I was using it originally but then I got to thinking about all the runoffs merging into one pool and how that might not be beneficial for measuring runoff properly. I do have multiple bag seed strains (3) that I have no idea what their genetics are all growing in the tent. Not sure if as @SilentHippie mentioned that impacts runoff measurements if pooled together.


This right here is an awesome idea!


Probably depends on if you’re looking to diagnose a specific issue with a specific plant. I don’t mix my feed any differently for one plant than the others unless there’s a problem, regardless of ppm readings.



I was flipping through my Hydrofarm catalog and found this


It’s called “The Plant Riser” and is 12" in diameter and goes for about 4 bucks. 12" might be too small though.


That’s another great possibility. Glad I asked this question! I’ll dig around to see if I can find a larger one.


I stick a pan under the funnel when I water. Sorry, school lunch tray, hole drilled, funnel attached with caulk.



I use something very similar to what @SilentHippie suggested. Works great.
I use a turkey baster to test the runoff and then a wet vac to suck up the rest.


So I got a little creative and purchased these and cut off the hook portion.

Any questions, Please ask!


That’s a great idea! Looks like it will work well. I may need to try something like that. :+1:



I’m lazy and willing to pay for convenience so I just purchased these.