Catapillars ? Help

Hey guys i have a problem with green catapillars there feasting off my lil ladys any help? Thanks @bob31


Man! You too!

Safer brand BT-K I think it’s called. 100% lethal within 5 days and will cause zero change in the buds. It’s a bacteria that produces a toxin in the gut of caterpillars. The downside is they have to eat it along with your plant. So, going over the plant with a bright light and tweezers early in the morning is a good idea too.

Hope that helps. Watch your buds closely if you are flowering. The little bastards get inside and wreck them. They’re also a source of bud rot.


Oh god should i try the old handsoap and water? I just found one this morning am sure theres more @Myfriendis410

Soap scares me. Especially if you are late in flower. That’s why I stayed away from Neem oil when I got hit.


There young no where near flower so i might just do it @Myfriendis410


@Losro313 get bt-k and do it. Neem oil does nothin.
Check out my journal and caterpillar problem I had. Picked off a dozen plus…scary!



Praying Mantis Egg

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Hope this helps

I spray mine with safer with btk. And I’m caterpillar free @Losro313


That’s the most benign, eco friendly and effective way to nuke those little futher muckers lol.

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I just find em and kill em but can use a tomato :tomato: dust stops moths and butterflies :butterfly: laying eggs so won’t get the creeps hope this helped

Agreed @Myfriendis410 @bob31


@Losro313 you could check out Southen Ag natural pyrethrin concentrate. We used it and will take of most anything.
Southern Ag Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate, 8oz


@bob31 @Myfriendis410 where could i get ahold of some btk ? Homedepot ? Lowes?

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Just googled it and it said Home Depot…you’d have to check for availability in your store or check Amazon. Hope this helps.


@Buck3 thanks

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any hardware store should have it Ace, true value, big box.

Safer is one brand that is readily available. @Losro313


Safer is the brand I have. Don’t buy a big bottle because 1 teaspoon goes in a gallon.

BT is so safe we eat it all the time: GMO corn actually has the gene to make it. Spinosad is used on tobacco and certified organic vegetables, within in a week of harvest, so that’s pretty safe too, I have seen both in small containers of concentrate at Lowes. Buy a plastic spray bottle while you are there.

Commercial growers in Oregon and Colorado can’t use spinosad. Not because it isn’t safe but because the label doesn’t specify it is okay for cannabis and the states test for spinosad residue. I would use either or these before I would use pyrethrin or tomato dust.

is there any way to rid the plant of the eggs?

spinosad has a systemic effect. You spray it on the leaves and a bit moves throughout the plant and into the roots. That protects the plant from hatching eggs even if the worm is not in direct contact with the spray.