Cat’s Runtz Grow Journal (featuring monster-cropping)

It’s time to get serious! This is grow number two and I’m raising the bar massively for myself. I will be following the Welcome to the Grow Tent methodology.

By the end of flower my goal is wall to wall coverage and perfectly even canopies. With the exception of cal mag since I use distilled water, my second goal is to feed as few times as possible, ideally 3-4 times tops throughout the whole grow. Instead, my plants will receive most of their nutrients from carefully timed progressive transplants into amended soils at various stages of their life.

There are currently 4 seed-grown Runtz and 5 monster-cropped Runtz clones growing. As a nod to my first grow, I grew a plant from a seed I found in my grinder. This strain alleges to be Grape Ape. Anyway, I grew the plant, flowered her, and took 3 successful monster-cropped clones. They’ll be hitching along and who knows… one might make the final cut to flower tent.

Ladies and gents, start your engines. All plants were put into cubes as clones or broke soil on 01 JUN 22.

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Runtz seed-grown x4

Runtz Monster-cropped clone x5

Grape Ape Monster-cropped clone x3


Following along if you don’t mind :wink:


i see a forest in the future lol. so awesome


That will be a monster garden :blush::v:
Ok be tagging along :sunglasses:


Holy jungle catman! Can’t wait.

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Good luck. I’m in.

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@CatDadPower How big is the area for this massive jungle? I am definitely hanging around for this.


Great question with a somewhat fluid answer, I was probably going to “ask the audience” so to speak.

Currently I have three 4x4 growing spaces, one of which is being utilized for seedlings. I had planned on doing a perpetual grow where only the top four of everything you see go to flower in 5-gallon pots….


I do seedling and veg in the same tent. To accomplish this, I’d replace their current light with my Mars Hydro TS3000 once i decide that they are in Veg. Then I’d veg out the top EIGHT plants, and utilize two flowering tents of four 5-gallon pots.

The second way sounds like a no brainer since it would effectively double my yield, but my concern is that I’d delay the progress of the next generation. Additionally, vegging 8 plants in one 4x4 would be…. tough to say the least. I just don’t want to blast my plants prematurely under flower lights since I also follow a strict progressive light schedule, using 100% power only in the final 2-3 weeks of flower. I guess you could call the second way “semi-perpetual grow”

Stay tuned, as I’m still pondering that answer! :eyes:


Glad to have you! :smiley_cat:


And keeping up 2 journals. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s Catman!! With the stress of 1st magnificent grow complete, you’re unstoppable :v::metal::purple_heart:


Jumping along for the ride, this looks like a garden of awesomeness! I hope you don’t mind. :v:


Solo Cup Stage


  • Happy Frog Soil
  • Clonex
  • Cal Mag (optional if not using pure water)
  • Great White Mycorrhiza
  • 16oz clear party cups (drain holes on bottom)
  • 18oz opaque party cup that can nest over clear cup

Seedlings and clones were moved to solo cups two weeks after entering plugs. This is normally a bit early, but since the humidity in my tent is staying about 70% they should be good without the protection of the dome. After making drain holes in the clear cup, I added just enough hall frog so that the stems the seedlings could be buried to proper depth. Starting today, I will begin adding in Great White every two weeks from here on out. Normally I’ll just add it to the water but in this instance I’ll just sprinkle a little in before dropping the plug and covering with dirt.

I never water in my plants, at any stage. Ever. There should be enough ambient moisture in their current container to keep them going for a few more days. After the first watering, I probably won’t need to water solo cups for another week to week and a half. If you struggle with leggy seedlings, overwatering is the next most likely culprit after light inadequacy. Overwatering severely stifles side branching.

While in solo cups, I will rotate between a 2 tsp/G dose of clonex and a 0.5 tsp/G dose of cal mag each watering. Light used is Mars Hydro TS3000 turned up to 25%, or about 112.5W out the wall. I will build to 650W in a 4x4 growing space by the last three weeks of flower. Hang distance is at the top of the tent, about 48” — I will not be following recommended distance because of progressive light schedule. I will maintain this course and speed until watering is needed every three days or less…. stay tuned!

Today seedlings were moved to a new light and tent


Heck no, it’s a party and all are invited!


Good Morning :blush:. Babies looking good are you going to add another light to get the 650W? :blush::v:


I have a different tent entirely, which is why I’m still on the fence about how many plants to move to flower… four or eight. I think since I just did on massive harvest with three tents last time, I’ll move down to one or two flower tents going at a time throughout the year.


LOL… that’s what we all say hahaha… I was going to skip a grow since I grew so much laster year with 5 plants… tbut his year I’m up to 15 (would have been 16 ut had to cull a male)… I really didn’t need anymore LOL


This is 4 autos in a 3x3 under the Marshydro fc3000.

I recomend 3. Ive done 5 and 4 in a 3x3 and I wish it was 3 right now.

Positioning is a PITA and Ive noticed that 2 of the 4 have less mass to the buds. Its like they cant get enough light. (Pictured above so you can see what I mean) 300 wats isnt really enough for 8 plants to grow under.


Wow! nice


If I move eight, then I’d configure them to be in 5-gallon pots in two 4x4 grow spaces (4 per). Each would have a dedicated light up to 650W once they transition to flower.

This sounds nice but this will only leave me with one tent for seedling and vegging. Not the worst thing in the world I just have to balance wants and needs haha. Since I live in a geographic area of the world that gets frequent blackouts in the December / January timeframe, Ill probably do the two tents so I can take a short hiatus if need be. I’d rather not have a veg cycle get jacked up from power being down this coming winter.


@CatDadPower I snuck in a side door to watch your grow show CDP!! :sunglasses: