Cat’s Perpetual Grow Journal!

I figured since the quality of the bud I’m growing is getting better, I needed to go that extra mile to truly make it top shelf quality. Honestly happy I did, I use diatomaceous earth to help keep fungus gnats down, and I definitely don’t want to be smoking that. I’m also hoping the wash also cuts down and prevents any mold issues throughout the drying.


Canopy coverage is key :muscle:t3:


My thoughts also. Been doing budwashes since my first run. Couldnt imagine not doing it. I live in the desert and its dusty here! Gotta figure my plants are covered!


Forgot to mention that for this this run the order of things went dilute lemon juice, baking soda, and peroxide solutions.

I’m also noticing that their smell while drying is a little better than normal (not as much grass and hay smell). So cool how weed goes from smelling amazing in flower, to god awful days after harvest, back to amazing again after cure.


Week 2 looking swell :sunglasses:


You did a great job keeping the canopy even. They look like they will be rewarding you nicely :+1:


Thank you, thank you! This is only grow 4 for me, but I’m definitely hard on myself and learning from past mistakes. It’s been a really cool journey for me to learn about this plant.

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One thing I just realized when doing a heavy trim on mine is. I have gotten to strict in how I do every thing. I enjoyed growing a lot more when I was just flying by the seat of my pants :laughing: So next grow. No hard rules for me :grin: For your fourth grow. You are doing out standing :+1:

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4x4 Tent: Week 2 Flower

3x3 Tent: will be choosing the best four very soon! Will continue vegging until I have enough growth to flower, ideally more than halfway through the flower tent being done.

2x4: nothing growing, just waiting a bit before any new beans or clones are started. Planet of the Grapes drying nicely! Will be placing into curing jars tomorrow night!


Hello from trim jail!!!

Took a pre-cure test smoke of the Planet of the Grapes and I haven’t been that stoned since my early days of smoking. I’ll post some closeups after trimming!

(Above): Final selections were made for the 3x3, with all four being clones from the same mother of Grape Cherry Punch.

This strain is a cross of: (original breeder White Widow x original breeder Grand Daddy Purple) x End Game Punch Line x Crescendo. Really excited to see how they come out.

Fully organic, using the Natures Living Super Soil and promix for the very first time. Definitely feels a little nerve wracking without my safety net of an amended soil, but I’m confident I added the right amendments to make a good harvest.

(Above): I ran out of space and didn’t want to throw these away, so I cloned the three Strawberry Mimosas into twelve separate plants. I’m hoping to be able to pull a nice big tent of these if a few survive. This strain is a cross of: Strawberry Cough x Mimosa Orange Punch. Already seeing those sativa traits come out.


Week 4, Day 1 of flower. Everyone looking happy after a little shot of compost tea. Doing a little trial with Nature’s Living bloom booster (Girl Flower Power). @Docnraq have you used this in conjunction with the super soil concentrate?

The four healthiest girls who made it in their new homes. All cloned from the same mother. Going ProMix and Natures Living, with a light top dress of Gaia Green 4-4-4 every two weeks. Would love to give these girls another 4-6 weeks properly fill the space. Hoping they’re ready right as the largest tent is finishing.


Yes, I have also used it alongside synthetic nutes.

It works pretty good, saw some yellowing earler then I was happy about but I fell really short on topdressing in that run. The plants that were “synthganic” were very happy though.


Little update! The 3x3 is growing nicely, with this being my first fully organic grow using a homemade super soil. Pro Mix HP was used as the base. Cover crops of red clover and alfalfa are finally germinating. Will be top dressing with Gaia Green dry amendments every two weeks.

The 4x4 flower tent is also developing nicely. Week 4, Day 5 of flower. Really working hard to refine my shaping technique, I think is this is one of the better canopies I’ve achieved. Also feeding Gaia Green amendments in conjunction with a special compost tea for the flowering stage.


Looking very very nice on your pharm CDP!!