Cat munching on leaves!

Sorry, If this is the wrong forum.
I suspect it is not bad for the cat. Might even be good for him. Hes taking an occasional bite, like half a small leaf.
I dont mind, he’s spoiled rotten. I give him olive oil, he loves healthy snacks.
Does anyone know if the raw leaves are harmful to a cat?
He seems fine…

Pretty sure you’re cat will be fine. Just be careful in flowering stage. A mature bud might do harm. I’m reading all over the Internet that people who grow who have cats discoverd that there cats love to snack on the fan leaves. In fact outdoor growers have trouble with animals eating there plants so I myself wouldn’t be worried unless you’re spraying chemicals on the plant.

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Haha! I will watch he doesnt get into buds. Likely he won’t be interested in them.
Thanks for responding!


You’re welcome @Supernoobie happy growing. :v:

I would only allow him/her to do this to one you arent afraid to lose. because one good bite in the wrong spot and it could lead to the plants deathbed. wont hurt it and is actually very good for animals. the problem would be if you are using any chemical pesticides, anything super concentrated, or synthetic nutes. Those might make him sick. other than that the only effect i can see is just him robbing your yield.

Won’t do the cat any harm, unless you’re using pesticides, etc, but given the chance Kitteh will strip the plant bare.

Which is why I don’t let my oldest one near plants as she is the sort of cat who would do that, she completely stripped a small olive bush here and had to be stopped from “tasting” the leaves on a bloody cactus.

Yes, it can be funny watching the eyes after Kitteh’s had his/her “fix”, but ultimately, as others have said, it’s only good if you can afford to lose a plant.


I had a beautiful auto on the front porch. My son’s cat got into the porch and I caught the little $@#&%£& just as she was finishing the last leaf. Her salad didn’t hurt her one bit and I have to be really careful to keep her away from the plants.