Cat Dad’s Five Strain Fiasco

Wow sure are growing fast!

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Sad to see, but I know it’s all part of the aging process. We’re 42 days post light flip and the leaves are starting to curl and lighten.

On the other hand, the colas are really starting to fill in which is great to see at this stage


@CatDadPower What & why monster crop? Is that bud you’re holding as a result? It looks great!

@CatDadPower I think it threw me off(the ac hose) because mine has the plastic hose that came with it and it’s smaller but my unit is probably about 8 yrs old. Gets use at least every hurricane season. It’s getting hot so I need to get it ready. Your plants look awesome :v:

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Is monster cropping the same as super cropping? What’s the difference?

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Super cropping is a form LST designed to even the canopy by stunting the growth of taller branches and encouraging growth for the smaller shorter ones. This is achieved by bruising and carefully damaging the inner flesh of the stem by rolling it between your thumb and finger vigorously so as to cause the plant to literally go limp. You want to be careful and not rupture the actual skin of the branch however. This tells the plant to stimulate growth of the lower branches. The result of super cropping is usually a big “knuckle” (a kind of plant callous) where the damaged plant wilted and bent.

Monster cropping I when you take a clone from a mother in early flower. This process entails putting the clone under a 24/0-18/6 schedule to initiate “reveg.” The buds die off and then the plant just starts shooting off new branches on its own — far more than traditional topping and FIMing would do.

They seem like they’d be similar given their names but they’re actually completely different techniques applied at very different times.


Thanks @CatDadPower Excellent explanation that I could fully understand.
Thanks for the article @Newt Im going to read it now! All of this is so very interesting & what an awesome learning experience thanks to everyone here!


I’m sitting at 43 days post light flip (approximately 2ish weeks to go). My amnesia haze is starting to show some sickness or aging (can’t tell).

Last nutrient feeding was today, all plants received a half dose of fox farm trio. I plan on just using the sweet/mag-sulfur one more week, followed by the final week of water.

Based on what you’re seeing, does this look like normal aging? If not, do I need to intervene?