Cat ate the side and top


A question from a fellow grower:

After struggling through the winter conditions, I ended up with two Amnesia haze plants, but my cat managed to get inside once when I left the door open for ventilation, and ate the side and top of one of my largest plant than. Since then it stopped- growing, leaves stopped developing and and it looks like it is flowing hough it is very small and still early in the vegetative state. Any thoughts?


Try and give it some nutrients probably something of a ratio of 3-2-6 or 2-1-6, also maybe try a 1/4- 1/2 tsp of vitamin b1 (available at local home depot, or flower shop) to get her out of shocked also, what’s ph level, temperature, and humidity levels


Thanks for your reply, I did give the plant some extra neutrons, not vitamin b1 thought. It sits next to his younger brother who is twice in size now, with the same heat (around 75) and humidity (60). the accident happened about a month ago and since then it stopped growing though its not dying… the leaves on the bottom are yellow but the ones on the top are green, but its not growing and I does look like there are flowers there… I don’t know what else to call them…


These can hopefully help my friend


Thanks again,

Its a little over my head, but I’m pretty sure its flowering… and all dense inside… its so small though…

I just saw on my invoice that its an “auto flowering” strain, not sure if had anything to do with that…flowering boasted by cat bites…



Auto flowers will flower naturally when old enough and she is definatley in flower


She is so young… her sister is growing nicely…


I actually didn’t know she is auto-flowering, I don’t think it was clear on the website, but saw it today on my invoice…


Well she’s flowering for sure lol