Cashcrop 4.0 grow box can I use a 1 bucket dwc system

1st timer thinking a 1 bucket system would work for me but don’t know what I need

Can I use the cash crop 4.of with a dwc


yes, they offer a setup for either hydro or soil.

but, i should warn you. youll never grow the 6 plants they claim possible in that small of a space.
1 maybe 2 at best.
good luck

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Thanks agent Jay I was thinking 1 plant and maybe have to train it or mainline I think the term is

yeah, good thinking.
theres lots of guides on site here about training.

I’m torn that box is spendy but I like that it is self contained. The lights are cfl and what I’ve been reading their not very good. Any suggestions

i bought that box, when i first started. almost 2 years ago.

i knew very little,…so cant blame box for that. but it was a disaster.

the airpump/stone provided needed to be upgraded immediately. the lights are super weak.
and that small reservoir is not practical.

that box could be useful for beginners,…if it was about 1/4 the $$
at that price it is,…i would recommend buying some dirt and a flower pot.
the power strip and 3 cfl CashCrop comes with,…wont cost more than $15-$20 at HD.

the fact that it closes up and conceals is a good concept but…even a trained plant will most likely have to be pushed in the box in order to shut door. thats what i had to do. and plants werent that big.

like i said,…it helped me to learn what not to do, more than anything. a valuable lesson for sure. just wish it didnt cost me almost $500 (i bought the taller version). if that product was $125-$175 range. id say its well worth it, for beginners.

you could spend $4-500 way more efficiently by researching some other peoples setup.
if privacy and concealment is top of your list of priority. like,…it must be hidden? you might wanna try that box out. just keep expectations limited i suppose?

again,…my experience with that product is largely based on MY lack of knowledge.
it may very well be possible that you could produce a sweet crop in there.

Your right it might be a waste of money . I’m gonna use my closet somehow so only have like 3x3 by maybe 5ft tall need some kind of enclosure don’t you think

after that whole debacle(sp?)

i went back to beginning. 1 plant in 1 pot with soil. i felt i was attempting very advanced user technique, and i was far from advanced.
i got 4 pounds from that 1 plant!!
hahaha no, not really. that plant kind of sucked too. but i was able to get it from start to finish, and absorb knowledge along the way.
when i was using the cashbox, it was such a struggle to keep reservoir temps right, ambient temps right, ppm(nutrient strength) of reservoir solution right(by the way, moondust provided in CC is not known for being fantastic lol). Ph balance of said solution right…blah!
and then signs of problems in plants…it was uphill battle to say the least.

im done with hydro,…but thats just me.
hope my babbling helps a bit.

i ended up using my closet after i gave up on box.

its only 2 feet deep,…by 10 wide and 10 tall. small but it was better. like i said,…look around at other setups. LED are very effective in small spaces cause they dont produce a lot of heat.

tbh with you though. we all go through this. the learning curve is steep. unless you have a ton of cash to waste. and buy a fully automated setup. guy near me offers a deal for $5,000. he will come and setup a 10’x10’x8’ space with everything you could possibly need.
youll have to start small and see what works…what doesnt, and make improvements as you go.


This is about the best advice anyone can give a new indoor grower!
Start small, easier to manage 1 or 2 plants when learning and less of a heartbreak if something goes wrong lol.

Thanks I’m gonna start with one plant and one light in soil just need to have some kind of enclosure. 3x3 is really all the room I have and how important is that could I just use the open closet???

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if hiding it isnt an issue. yeah, closet works.
you will have to monitor temps and humidity of course.
my closet was along rear exterior of house, and on ground level. so i drilled a 4" hole and installed a fan for exhaust. the closet was my enclosure. i would open/close doors to help control temps.
whatever your situation. ventilation is vital. not just moving air around plants…but removing old/warm air and drawing in fresh air.