Cash money orders


I am so glad to hear this I share your excitement. I know what’s its like being unsure and skeptical, having lost $200 for a seed bank in Amsterdam. My orders didn’t take as long as yours did, however I am positive Easter played a part. Follow their directions for their seed and all will be cool, if they are no sprouts after 24 hours just leave them in maybe another 12. Carefully handle them by the head and NOT the root. DON’T make the same mistake that I did if you bought Fems is to put them in a 15 gal container as soon as they sprout. Good luck and happy growing, I want to hear success stories in a few months.


Wow! Glad they still came in after all this time. Happy Growing! :smiley:


Just be patient, I also sent cash over 250.00 they emailed they had recieved my money and i had it in 16 days Ky U.S.A


Im new to all this, i didnt relize this had already been solved my bad. Ilgm is a very legit company though