Cash money orders


Well I made my first purchase with ilgm and I have chosen the cash in the mail option. Just wondering if anybody out there has done the same and how things went with your order. Just a little scared of sending a couple $100 through the mail…


I used my card but have 6 orders and 5 strains since last August and no problems at all . Welcome to the forum


Add 2 to 3 weeks depending on how you mailed it . It takes a minute to get there


Thanks for the input and the friendly greeting… but I’m not really new been here about a year, just now getting the funds to order from the site. I tried my card debit and credit last year and had problems with the over seas limitation with my bank and just got fed up and canceled my order. And I ordered seeds from in side the us and got some good smoke. My first choice was from this site and I still want the strains they have to offer and from seeing others grow their stuff I went ahead and took a chance on sending them the money. It’s not any real lose to me I came off with a really unexpected good harvest from 2 auto strains I have created and sold a couple of oz to fund these seeds. Still be my luck for something to get lost in the mail or something screwed up like my bills smelling like weed and getting stopped… BTW awesome job on ur bom this month! I can’t wait to get mine and get in the contest with this bunch of awesome ppl!


I sent cash and it took a little over a month to receive.



if your going to order auto flowering plants or i should say seeds you mite want to check out my journal
I’m growing all 7 auto plants that they sell at the seed bank. thought you mite want to see before you buy,
Here is a link. and if it’s ok with you i’ll tag you for updates
I’ll add you to @GamblingMan if you want

Will .


@Allen13420, just sent cash, almost 100 dollars, they sent me email it was received and have shipped out…just follow their instructions, put on greeting card with aluminum foil etc. have not received yet, but it may take 25 days or so…all good


Yeah I can see it taking about that amount of time for them to receive my payment and process the order and get it shipped out. Thank you guys so much for sharing, really eased my nerves about sending money through the mail.


Awesome! And thanks for sharing your link. I have already placed my order… I got photo plants or seeds this go around. But my next order I believe I will try out a few of the autos and your thread will be extremely helpful!


Well guys I got a confirmation email from ilgm saying they received my payment and my order will be shipped ASAP. I have to say that is pretty darn quick!


Ordered from them and so far not pleased at all, ordered 10+10 ww, sent cash, 2weeks went by (their site says 1-2 weeks) andorder still pending, notified them by email(response was quick) and was told itsometimes takes 2-3weeks, now 3 weekshas passed and emailed them again (againa quick response) and their reply now is 3-5weeks for a “birthday card” as I wasinstructed to send, hhh seriously? a letter isa letter doesn’t matter if its a birthday cardor a letter, very disappointed because nowim beginning to believe someone therepocketed my $$ and im gonna be left withnothing, not pleased at all,
I recommend that people be very cautiousdealing with them,
if your not in the states use only a cc so youcan get a charge back if things go sour,
if your in the states you dont want to use acc because financial records could be usedas evidence because no matter how manystates have legalized its still a federal crimeto import,
and if you send cash to remain anonymousyour likely going to lose that cash tosomeone there,
IF I get what I paid for ill be more thanhappy to retract ALL of my negative reviewsand even publicly apoligize, but until then imgoing to post my negative experience withilgm on every seedbank review site and anygrow blog site to warn people to be verycautious dealing with mr. Bergman and ilgmbecause as of now I truely believe ive been burned by those people, I hope whoeverpocketed my $99 there enjoys the free $$ they got at my expense,
sad part is is that ive been smoking since 1968 and their used to be honor in the cannabis culture, and considering Robert Bergman has been doing this for 20 some years I believe HE has good intentions but I have to be honest and say he has someone in his organization that is a straight up thief, as I said above I hope the thief enjoys MY money they pocketed and I would like to think that person would feel a little bit of guilt or remorse for burning a disabled senior citizen but in reallity it wouldnt matyer because thieves have no guilt or remorse,
lesson learned by me and ill go with a different more reputable seed bank, have a nice life and enjoy my free money,


Hi @oldstoner58, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been getting mixed messages from our customer service. If you ask me the initial promised 1 - 2 weeks is confusing as well. I will look into that because: From years of experience we know that shipments can take up to 5 weeks (25 business days) to arrive. That goes for our products to you as well as cash to us. We are not at all difficult when coming forth to our customers but we do ask to wait out that period.
Again sorry that communication has not been consistent and I hope you can wait out a little longer. You will surely be helped by the lovely people of our service department.

Cheers, Roy


Hi I also sent cash which they got within 2weeks from AUS its now been over 5 weeks and still nothing in my mailbox I really thought this was genuine but just tried to track my order and now they say they can’t find my order I haven’t heard that anyone in AUS has received their goods which is disappointing. If there is anyone in AUS who has had luck with ILGM I’d love to hear. Nick1


I’m still waiting at 36 business days, I know it could take a total of 50 business days, but I’ll have to wait and see. I see people saying 12 or 18 total days there and back. I wished that I was that lucky.


Sorry to hear about the problems you guys are having…I can say that my buying experience was satisfactory. I honestly thought I just threw $200 away. But I got a confirmation 15 days after sending the cash telling me they have received my payment. And today I got seeds in the mail box 17 days after the email. That’s 32 days and I have no complaints about that and i think thats pretty daMN quick…now we just wait and see if they germinate which will take some time cause I will only grow a few of these at a time.


It’s all good. I just wished that I lived next door to ILGM.


Hi EarlyPearl, please contact our support desk if you haven’t already


Thanks and I will.


Just be patient I know that ILGM is the worlds best to order from. I have placed two card orders and 1 cash order. My first was seized by customs because I paid the extra for registered shipping, (major dumb). They quickly sent out replacement order in which I received in 12 days. They may not have the strains you are looking for but come very close in matching the thc, and cbd percentages of other companies super high dollar strains at a fraction of the cost. I have ordered the Jack Herer, Gold Leaf, Chronic Widow, Og Kush fems, and White Widow in auto flowering. These are proven high quality strains with super big yields. The ILGM strains are very stable to work with. The customer service reps always put you first, they guarantee delivery. Relax take a few puffs, ease your mind. I was skeptic with my first order seeing I lost over $200 from a seed bank before I discovered ILGM. To me personally there is no other place to get what you need, they may be a small company (thus the patience) they are also very reputable and professional. I will always order from Robert.


37 business days, They got here.