Carson zOrb USB Digital Microscope

just got this today. a friend recommended it for observing trichomes at harvest time.

these plants are only 2 1/2 weeks into bloom so,…i know they arent ready to harvest.

just wanted to share pics to demonstrate quality of micoscope. again, because very early in bloom cycle,…not a whole of tric’s to see but,…clarity/zoom quality is pretty good i think.


Thanks ! great looking product - easy to use ?

yes, sort of. i had to buy 2 10meter usb extension cables. because device must be plugged in PC when in use.

after a lil’ bit, i realized it might be easier to just pick up plant and move it close to PC for pics. plus its nice to see whats in focus while snapping pics.

other than that, its very simple to use. i am gonna try and use like a clear glass slide, to place in between scope and bud. i think that will help get clearer pic. still tinkering with it but, for $40 it beats squinting into little jewelers loupe.

here is some more pics i took today. week 4 of flowering

this is pics of some already harvested BlueCheese

overall. i think this product is well worth the $40 price.
only 640x480 resolution. pics break up if expanded much.
ill bet higher res. scope would be triple the price though. for starters.

is it gonna be super-duper high-qual like a laboratory scope? no.
but compared to no scope or jewelers scope…there is no comparison.

this is what a Lab scope can do;


I have a 420 scope from ebay. $20.00 and up to 100x with a light, up close and personal, just about like the professional scope.


nice, i considered buying that one. but decided to spend a little more hoping for better quality. plus it stores pics right on pc for analysis. but pretty much same low quality photo.