Carrot grow in 14inch depth



Grow log for carrots.

So I’m off on this growing kick.
Have fun and keep planting


I will be watching with interest. I plan on growing some basil, cilantro, and a few other things with my weed as companion plants… but also need to grow some pablamos and jalapenos and tomatoes to make the ol’lady feel better about the financial investment.

there are some useable herbs and veges that keep detrimental bugs away from your weed so for me growing those is a no brainer.


Update added organic chives and I can bring in my herbs.


@Oak you can see I pulled my little herbs from my veg box, kids were asking where they were.


Not only have I never seen carrots in a dresser … I doubt I’ve ever said those two words together in a sentence in my life ?

I’ve seen some pretty clever grows in refrigerators in cabinets and such …and now this
-good luck with it I’ll be watching :thumbsup:


Wouldn’t hurt to grow veg inside. If kids say daddy grows plants inside the house. I grow basil and tomatoes well that’s what I say I grow. I really grow bubonic chronic lmao


I’m loving it !

… have you considered radishes ?

Years ago I tried a similar thing for ganja. I honestly I don’t remember what happened but I know it had no drainage, and that eventually caused problems ?!


I just have this so far. I’m going to make a salad bar 6 feet long. Put leafy greens in here and other veggies. It is going to be fun. My kids are excited about it. It’s cool.


What lights you gonna use? Fluorescents? I’ve never used those


I’ve got 3 23w actual 6500k and 2 46w act. 2700k clf’s. The chives this morning have really brightened their green up. Not a lot of heat in this box. Not like when it had the 9 46w in it.


That’s cool.


Check this out
Here is yesterday’s chive

And today’s

I think it’s happy


Finally they’re popping out

Grrrrr!!! Pesky caterpillars. Got 2 off this. Think that’s all.


Look at them carrots all standing in a que waiting to be eaten


That’s a beautiful sight! How deep do you plant the seeds? I think I planted mine too deep this year because none actually sprouted!


Maybe 3/8’s. Barely dusted them with soil on the small bag. The big my daughter covered them by covering them. Lots of water I kept it drenched to germ, now up water 2/3 days is what I’m trying.


they look kinda close together


That’s kids for you. Homeschool project


Now when they start talking about stuff inside they talk carrots. Every morning all 3, at different times, want to go and see. And outside my daughter and I had a bean germ to grow comp. hers popped mine didn’t, so for a month she goes and checks hers and I should go to see hers. Awesome stuff


kids. always amazing… I hear that every parent feels it the same way… had I known I would not have been such a little dick back then, lol… getting them interested and learning about gardening at a young age is a good thing in my opinion. being able to provide for ones own needs is an art and skill that is being lost here in the U.S.
I grew up in the central valley in cali…didn’t realize how spoiled I was to the fact that you only had to throw seeds on the ground to make them grow