Carolina reaper pepper in pro mix

CRP 14 days from seed. Supposed to take a month. Heat matt and humidity dome.88°, 88% humidity20180220_13154820180220_131619


Habanero is about as hot as I’ll go. I think once you go so hot, you can’t taste the food. In the words of the great Hank Hill “Taste the meat, not the heat”


Hahaha, I agree @HornHead, & in the words of Boomhauer “bm mar ang ol dang ol fil dar bang too hot well dang!” :joy: :joy:


These seeds will be for sale. This is an original strain. Very old strain.

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How much do CRP run $wise

I get like 2$ to restaurant and 3$ to people per pepper

And seeds it was 3$ for ten seeds. One plant in soil last year 78 peppers. In hydro maybe 150 200 peppers. 20 to 25 seeds per pepper. Very intense plant thoe. I do hot hot rags on my soil out doors for extra heat and extra 1hr heat at night in my area.