Carolina Reaper and pot plants

I have a Carolina Reaper pepper plant and I’m bringing it in for winter. Now if I placed it in my grow tent with my ladies. Is there any possibility that the ladies will take on anything from the pepper plant. I would hate to blaze some white widow and it set my lungs on fire in a bad way lol. @latewood @Aquaponic_Dumme @garrigan62 @ktreez420 @yoshi. Feel free to tag anyone who may know. Thanks in advance.

Nope just bugs. I’ve got spinach growing in my tents.


I’ve got some diatomaceous earth I can put on it before I put it in the tent. But while it was outside the bugs didn’t seem to bother it. If I handle the leaves or the pepper and didn’t wash my hands then touched my face or something it would burn something terrible lol

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Nice n hot peppers. Prob keep bugs away

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The world record holder for hottest pepper! Beat the ghost pepper lol. I don’t eat them! No way i would put one in my mouth lol. My friends uncle created it. Ed Currie from Rock Hill SC. He made the local news. Big time for us mountain folk lol over 1.5 million on the scoville scale


Yes it may pick up all kinds of bugs and possibly fungus and wilts ?

Will the diatomaceous earth help? Or is it best to sit it by a window?

That’s incredible! It beat the ghost pepper, wow! I love hot peppers, but those are just way too much for me lol!

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I am getting ready to bring in 2 pepper plants to my room. One hot and one not…

\I have all the World’s Hottest Pepper seeds, including Carolina Reaper. :slight_smile:
I have grown cukes, and young tom’s but moved them back outdoors due to how big they got. I am planning on allowing my 2 little ProMix pepper plants to cohabit my grow area this Winter,o I can have some fresh produce later on.

Don’t think there will be cross pollination but, I am not sure, to be honest. Either way; The blaze would not be hot becuase, the heat comes from the membrane that holds the seeds. Peace