Carnivale Cruise Ships- Drug Dogs

I read an interesting article yesterday that said Carnival Cruise is deploying dogs to find weed on ship. If found the passenger is kicked off the ship at the next port. Be careful out there.

What would happen you took a couple grams of bud and washed it with everclear and then sprayed the everclear/resin all over the place. Would it confuse the dogs enough to distract them from finding weed when everything smells like weed?
Always wanted to test this out and see if it would work.


They want to sell their alcohol. One of these ships will get smart and open a smoke shop and cash in.


You can’t mask smells very well when dogs are used. Dogs smell differently than humans do. For instance, if you make stew, a dog won’t smell stew. The dog will smell beef and carrots and potatoes and onion and flour,…

Humans have ~500 odor receptors. It can vary by breed, but there are some breeds that have 50,000 odor receptors.


yes, but its actual resin from a bud that would be on stuff. Exactly what the dog is trained to find. SO not really masking, but overwhelming the senses.

Probably wont work but i wonder if only trained to detect weed then would they point when they find the resin on carpet for instance.


I had a buddy in the Navy. They used to mop the floors with bong water…he says it made the dogs go crazy…but they usually could not find their stash that they hid high in the pipes.


My German Shepherd is scent trained. It’s amazing what a trained dog can sniff out among distracting smells. The dog is trained to scent humans, but it wouldn’t take very long at all to switch her to weed - maybe couple of weeks training 30 minutes per day (and a dozen tennis balls, lol) since she is already scent trained and knows the behaviors I would want out of her.


I would venture to guess that thousands have tried this very thing and the dogs of today are probably trained to detect bud in its original form. Was just a random thought. I don’t need to have weed to the point that I would try to take it anywhere off my property. Its just not worth the hassle.


If I were going to go for it I would probably just take a vape pen and vacuum seal it after every use.


What surprised me is they kick the offender off the ship.

I just remember going to my class reunion and bringing my middle child and their friend and I said nothing with THC with you. You must rely on beer while we are there. They pulled the friend aside at security for their gummy bears (all clean) they brought for us along with pretzels etc. to snack on during the flight and the 1.5 hour trip to where I grew up.

I understand gummies bought here by touridiots are typically put in candy packages, resealed, and taken home.

No dogs and only machines.

BTW they abided by the rule and nothing but beer for three days. But also back then our State licenses were so strange with holograms and lots of extraneous information we were accused of them being fake when we tried to buy beer!

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I heard from my friend, Disney Theme parks do the same.


Seems like practices as such would detour business.

We will not be booking a cruise anytime soon.


Spray some, keep some of the tincture for yourself :rofl:

I’m guessing modern drug dogs worth their weight are trained to sniff out edibles as well, probably even vaping oils and juices…

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