Caribbean grow help

Hahahaha nice. Real talk tho. Babylon supposed to have hard grades. So I’ll see. One of them is an alleged high grade. Skywalker og or sunset sherbet…

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Yes, I have supposed-to-be high grades, too, but they’re not sprouting like they should, so I’m stuck wishing on those.:woman_shrugging:t2:

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The hg is one of my smallest plants. It almost didn’t geminate and in fact, I had three hg seeds that was the only that germinated. I found out by accident. I gave up on it and was about to empty the soil into a pot and noticed it days after the others

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I have no idea why they’re not going - the cases burst but the roots not peeking out… I haven’t grown much here but damn…:pensive:

Yikes. I’m a first time grower too. Southern chemicals on Ramsaran street has guy who knows stuff

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I’m in the north

Im in a running WhatsApp group. Might be able to get some advice there. Add me na and I’ll send it contact to the admin.

Set to watching, my first outside grow was started inside and out until they were large enough. About 24” then outside only. Within 14 days she had buttons beginning of Flower. Also on the Caribbean simular circumstances


How do I add you?

Just send me a message

Sorry, I’m a bit slow on the uptake - how do I send you a message w/o your info?

Done. :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:

That’s what I’m struggling with… I feel like I see white hairs but then I question my eye. My babes are all at different stages, too, so I kinda effed up in that respect (I didn’t keep time records when I first tossed them in).

If they Flowered the same time thats what counts when they say 10 weeks to Maturity they mean Flower time…

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Looking nice. Cant wait to see your harvest.

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Thank you so much @Chasworks @Skottish1…I’ve had some hiccups, but we’re still alive lol image image image image image

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Oh, we did have one casualty due to yard fowl.:roll_eyes: