Carelessness in training

Hi all. Fairly new grower here. Have one grow under my belt. Anyways I’m in my third week of flower on a lemon cake strain and I was doing some defoliating and tried a little lst to open them up a little so light would penetrate down to the bottom better and snapped a main stalk. I sip tied it back up because it didnt snap all the way off. Will it survive? And is there a better way to fix it

Any chance of pictures? To see exactly what it looks like

Ita possible itll survive. Is your grow photoperiod? If so you could try to root the broken branch and have a clone for another grow

Really new to this so not exactly sure what photo period means. I grew it from seed if that helps. And can you clone once it’s in flower. It does have bud sites in it. I dont have photos right now but it is still hanging on. It didnt break all the way off

I’m trying to figure out how to take a pic and put it on here lol

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If you use a support like a bamboo stake and make a splint is probably your best bet. If you use cable ties, make sure they aren’t tight. They will cut into stem usually.


This may sound dumb but what if I tried using some wood glue to help support it. I have it zip tied back into position right now. I know it sounds dumb but willing to try anything

I did the exact thing my last grow :frowning: I just tossed it and the plant actually took off a little bit more on the bigger colas. So it wasn’t a total loss, just a big mistake none the less…Now I only LST in the very beginning and early veg really carefully.

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If its right down the center I heard that you can just add honey and wrap in electrical tape. I havent done it. I had one of mine split and I just tied it back together and it seems to be fine for now. Its been like a week

Ty. I’ve tied it together. Guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed lol

Wont matter, this has been like this for mouths

Both branches are broken


A little honey on the split and a little plastic gardening tape…
Ditch the zip tie… :+1::wink:


As others have said, ditch the zip tie and tape her up and she will be fine.

How early? I’ve got plants that are ~ 15 days and I’m thinking about topping them in another week when the nodes become more defined. They are indicas, so the nodes are pretty close together right now.

Mine broke , i tapped it back up , came back full force

Most say you can top after the 4th or fifth node develops.