Care and or nute’s after fimming

Hi all. Iv just FIMmed one of my plants, I’m just wondering if there is anything specific I can do to help the plant recover? It’s 4 weeks from germination. Thanks in advance

You can use epsom salt solution or kelp meal to help with stress but I don’t think just a fim would cause too much stress on her. Unless your plant just appears to be really stressed out? Maybe move her from the light a little further for a couple hours after the fim.


Something like superthrive may help a little too, but i agree, wouldn’t worry to much.


Thankyou both :slight_smile:

I think I might Foliar feed with Epsom salts at lights off :slight_smile:


not much foliage tho !! what nutrients are you going to use ?" feed your base nutes or what is mentioned

I’m using the canna terra range. Iv fed them today and now the girls are sleeping :slight_smile: