Carbon scrubbing for oil/carts?

I have been getting into the ethanol extraction and with what I have available I think I have gotten it as clean as I can without a deep freeze. But the color and taste is still more than I think it could be. just started reading about adding carbon to the wash to clarify and using diatomic earth to filter that. I have a jar of raggitty wash I could try it on first but the question is if any one here does this? and if so what criteria for the carbon and diatom exsits?

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Normally the tincture is pulled through a Buchner funnel using a vacuum pump and diatomaceous earth on top of a 120 micron filter.

Using dry ice will allow you to get down to -40F for cold extraction which produces a very nice dab oil.


I use Celite 545 and a product called CarbonX to do color remediation
Removes most of the co!or and flavor

Here is some tincture thats been scrubbed
The oil on the left in the mason jar is a simple paper and stainless steel filter
It is green
Then a celite/carbonX scrub on the right which is amber
The taste is easily covered up

These are some of the products you can use to clean your tincture
Activated charcoal has trace amounts of carcinogens so you have to research it and decide for yourself
The carbonX does not have carcinogens but became very expensive

At the bottom is infused rich syrup that i use in beverages and to make homemade soda and lemonade
Can go in coffee and mix with commercial syrups

Use these two mixes to make an infused drink that will blow any starbucks drink out of the water
Combine all three syrups and put in a blender with 4oz of coffee and 4 oz of cream and hit blend
Add more cream and syrup to taste


Im blown away dude. That looks amazing.


The above is just the start
There is RSO, refined RSO and distillate

Regular RSO requires a scrub but refined RSO and distillate do not
Distillate has a chemical taste that covers up easily, hard to work with as it is tacky and sticks to everything
Have to heat it up in hot water to make it fluid for mixing into simple syrup
Refined RSO is the easiest product to work with when making oil and syrup
Little to no taste and needs very little 210S to bind the oil to the sugar water

Using an immersion blender you can get very good dispersion and suspension

Actually about to clean up a new method of extraction so i can record it if anyone is interested


Wow! A lot of great information! It’ll take a minute to unpack all that! Thanks! I’m sure I’ll have a question or two. Thanks!

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I have to say that the cannabis home science thing looks intriguing, but I wonder if this method would also work in a vacuum distillation rig? Just now putting one together. Seems to me to be too much heat for too long. But as I’m still learning I could risk a small sample to find out lol.

Don’t think I’m ok with isopropyl, but it also works with ethanol.

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You loose the iso in the boiling water and the temps are fine in the low 200s

Pulls a lot of chlorophyll and other impurities

I do cold ethanol extraction so this method is new
Have to clean a R.I.C.E. extraction as well as some regular RSO so i can record them if you want

If you go with Activated Charcoal (AC) be careful about how much you use
It grabs cannabinoids as well as impurities

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Hey Tincandtoke,
Wow, great info! How far have you gone down the rabbit hole on the the water clarification? This looks like exactly what im looking for. At the end of the day i want something safe, easy, and effective.
I have 2 jars of ethanol extract of different grades. Both have green. One is the scraps after the first wash saved up and ran again which you can imagine is very dark!
I can use them as is, but I’m kinda a perfectionist to the degree i can afford to be. Plus my wife doesn’t like a heavy weed taste, and a large driving for this is her health.
Trying to make something that i can use in multiple ways. Edibles and vapes primarily.
I have built the dyi vacuum evap system and hoping to possibly use it in addition to these methods.

So the question, if you know, is can either the distilled water and/or salinated water method be used with ethanol wash? I only see iso wash in the examples.

None of these processes are easy but they are not hard
A little time and effort
My thoughts on R.I.C.E extraction with salt are that you will recover more oil but be left with salt residue
It will help separate the lipids and waxes a little but most of the sediment filtration will be done by the freezer method when you pour it through a paper filter
If i was using scraps i would omit the salt and take the loss for a cleaner product
Checked with Cannabis Home Sciences and the salt residue should not vaporize if you use the oil for vaping
check out future 4200 .com its where i learned most of what i know

It looks like you want color remediation which will help improve the taste
If so you have to choose a method and materials
I Started with celite 545 and activated charcoal and now run celite 545 and carbonX
There is cost and for the activated charcoal the health issues are worth looking up, probably negligible but why take chances
A buchner funnel and vacuum will make it easy

Still have everything together for my scrub on the R.I.C.E. extraction as well as some cold ethanol extraction
Still deciding on whether or not to scrub the CBD-V and CBG extractions
Ready to do the filtering but weather and power tools mean you have to record late night, not my best time…

Do you know if the water method works with ethanol extracts also? I was looking at carbonX but wow that is expensive!!. I’m a reasonably intelligent guy, but I am really new to all this. maybe 5 months in or so lol. So that said, sometimes I don’t know what I don’t know. As a result I wind up buying a lot of shizzle that is unnecessary or just wrong. but it seems to me that the water thing does it without the risk of contaminants . I could try the activated , and yeah probably minuscule risk but still. Also if it is heavy cleaning with carbon you’d lose alot of the goodness. maybe I bite the bullet for carbonx. I don’t want to try ANYTHING is vape until I’m sure lol

When you say water method are you referencing R.I.C.E. or a different method
The end product of any method will have to go through some sort of filtering process
You can remove sediment like husks and plant particulate with paper filters but getting the taste out requires the carbon and celite
Honestly if you want to reduce the taste without carbon scrubbing you should do cold ethanol extraction
It will minimize the undesirable extraction bits and give you a decent return

yes-ish. rice, rece what ever. but yeah, water method lol.
I do have a buchner with a vacuum assist and paper filters down to 2 microns. That got it pretty good considering my somewhat sloppy extraction.
but back to the question… I have extract and this is what it is.

Still not sure of the question but i’ll try
Ethanol will evaporate in the water if you are looking to get the oil but you still have to recover it
Never put the tincture (extraction) into water and then try to filter it, bad mess

I will read through the posts again and see what i’m missing

Basicall what i do is extract, get the oil into ethanol at some point for filtering and then reduce the ethanol until it is only oil
I use that oil to make infused simple syrup and coconut oil

well, question is do you know of this rxce method works with an ethanol extract? or only for isopropyl…

The ethanol will evaporate then empty the water and add a small amount of fresh ethanol to recover the oil and then reduce that with something like a double boiler method (double boi!er helps prevent scorching)

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Ordered some syringe filters and plan on filtering my concentrate, while still in ethanol before evaporating or recovering the ethanol.

Is there an easier way to filter the fine stuff, fats, and lipids?

I saw your basically doing a crc filtration with the tube, vaccum and clay and/or carbon… Am I assuming correctly?

Any chance you could do a step by step and include a list of stuff needed including recommendations?

I’d appreciate it very much… Have been documenting farmtovape for making my vape cartridges… Here…

My cartridges after a bit of use… The oil… Gets a bit dark.

I’m doing my remediation with carbon (carbonX and celite 545 (food grade)

I have some tinctures that need filtering so i can record it
Life keeps getting in the way but if i have a reason i can make time

Its not complicated at all just takes a little time and effort
Things like pretreating the celite 545 with high proof ethanol to pull out the impurities before filtering with it

If you want to do a mock run through lmk
This can be done with small amounts of cannabis, 3-5 grams

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@Tincandtoke I’d really appreciate it… I have less than 10 grams of concentrate I can put back in ethanol to refilter… But really ready to make more concentrate… I’ve got like 6oz ready to make into concentrate.

6 zees
Thats a lot of material
For our purposes you can do however much you are comfortable with extracting
My video will pick up from prepping the Buchner to final filtration and maybe the double boiler reduction
Try to get the video in between thunder storms

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