Carbon Scrubber Sizing

What size carbon scrubbers are folks using in their 4’x4’s?

I’d go 6x18 smallest but 8" probably best

I’ve got a 6x18 in my 5x5. I may put an 8" in the 5x5 and put the 6x18 in the smaller tent then. You’re probably right. The 6" has a hard time managing the 5x5.

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I have a 8" in my 5x5 and no problem’s and no smell

What is cfm rating of your 6x18? I ran phresh 6x24 in 6x10’ room no problem. I would double check how well your fan and filter match up. Then see if you aren’t maybe getting static load from your duct. I feel like a quality filter that size would be plenty. Also wondering if your filter could maybe just be clogged up too?


Do the phresh filters have a long life cycle for the money? Looking at a terrabloom 6x16. Anyone have or try this brand?

I myself cant smell the plants but I just got a 6 in vivosun and my family says they cant smell them now and I have it in a not an air tight room. amazon search doesn’t take you to phresh or black ops. I keep it on high 24/7 so lets see how long it lasts

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I run my 8’ pretty much the same way but, a half speed. I am in a tent and not an open space though

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I cant be the grandma that gets busted cause kids stink like weed so high on 24/7

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Understood. My wife has a very sensitive nose an says that she can not smell it. So, that’s good enough for me :+1: :+1: :v:

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I feel like they do. I went to them after having issues with cheaper filters.

I have a VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal for Inline Fan, Grow Tent Odor Scrubber, Pre-Filter Included, Reversible Flange 6"x 18". I don’t see the CFM rating for the filter. The CFM for the fan is 351, and it is an AC Infinity.

In theory it should be exchanging the air in the 5x5 twice a minute.

Total run time on the filter can’t be more than 14 to 21 days, so it really can’t be clogged yet.

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If you run them in high humidity or dusty environment can clog them up pretty much immediately. Have you tried comparing airflow with and without the filter? Filter will drag it down some, but that system should work.

Do you have a picture of how your duct is installed? Ideally you would want to keep duct short as possible with no bends.

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Appreciate the input.

There is a good bit of air coming out the duct. To be clear; if I leave the tent alone (door closed for an hour or more) then the smell never makes it out of the spare bedroom that the tent is in. The earthy mint smell is always present in that room though. It’s really only when I open the door that it permeates through part of the house. Maybe it’s my expectations?

Here’s a couple of photos. The ducting can’t be more than 4 or so feet long. The humidity in the tent floats between 55 and 60%.

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Check you have good seals at flanges on filter and your coupling to fan too. The rest doesn’t look bad.

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I tried the 6in S series of AC Infinity and sent it back. It wouldn’t pull the walls in but I’m starting to think it’s the filter.

I use the purest 6x24 in a 4 by 4 tent. I like the 24 seems to be quieter and more filters capacity.