Carbon-lined Backpacks

Hi all, I want to stash cannabis and other similar items in a bag without attracting the attention of others with its pungent smell. I need a smell-proof shoulder bags that have ability to control moisture loss to prevent items from drying out. Can you guys ever used a smell-proof shoulder bags? If yes then please recommend me the

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from the list. I’m thinking to get Revelry Supply RV30050 Escort Backpack what are your thoughts about this bag. Thanks

Not sure if these would work for your use case, but maybe this inside a regular shoulder bag?

Found it for $38 on a google search, I’d buy it.

@Covertgrower please mentioned the list that i have submitted because i want a backpack from that list. thanks

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See if you can find them on Amazon and link from there, otherwise the links won’t be allowed.


I would use the tried and tested, turkey bags from your local supermarket. The turkey bags are thicker and will be oderless if doubled or tripled over. I remember once going up into the triangle in October, which is traditionally after harvest for most strains…the market in Garberville was entirely empty, a huge section…LOL For a while it got pretty bad with vagrant people looking for trimming jobs…Anyway, don’t cheap out and get thinner bags, I think the turkey bags are the thickest.

We can transport enough in CA, AFAIK, but I rarely transport any. Before it was legal to cultivate for personal, I would go up to the triangle and visit a friend once a year after harvest, and I wouldn’t go back until the following harvest.

Grove bags and heat seal the tops then you can put them in just about any luggage, my recommendation, the inside lining of a backpack or suitcase