Carbon Filters- inside tent or outside tent


Question- Does it matter which way the air flows through the carbon filter?? I have noticed in some pics of grow tents that the carbon filter is on the outside of the tent with the extracted air blowing out through it, with my set up I have the carbon filter inside my tent and the extracted air is sucked into it, through the fan and out a vent in my shed wall, its a full 6 inch ventilation system.


Most carbon filters have a pre-filter or “dust filter” for catching hair, fuzz and other airborne larger type debris, and to prevent it from generally plugging up the filter to the point it won’t work.

Also the filter, cleaning the air before it gets to your fan, will keep your fan working better and longer, and the fan and its internals will need less cleaning.

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And; As far as inside or out; This would be determined by your personal choice and how you set up your ventilation system.

I use my carbon filter outside tent, because I scrub the room and vent it through the floor. I also have a booster fan in the upper vent of my tent to draw air into the room, whil passively allowing it to enter the lower vents providing the tent with cool air in the room. :slight_smile:


Ok I’m confused now I just ordered a 4" carbon filter my tent is only 32"x 32"x 60 now I thought is filter is control smell and temp isn’t this suppose to suck air out of my tent I have a 6" blower on the bottom of tent blowing in am I doing this wrong




Wouldn’t the exhaust would be at the high point in tent. Heat rises , so remove it there? The filter would work at either end if your duct. You will also need to reduce the 6" to 4" to fit filter or return it for a 6" filter. Just my thoughts.


Not sure I understand is this pic correct


Will this pull hot air out of tent and control smell and temp


Yes it will. You will also need a fan on the lower part of tent to allow cooler air in. Hope that helps


Ok thks I got now think this will complete setup…again thks for confirming


Yeah I used a 4’ duct fan for veggingto move air in the tent with inline fan completely off . Than after the switch to flower , I remove four inch and replace a 6’ duct fan to bring cooler air in the tent , and turn inline fan on half with dimmeable switch to move air out and keep the humidity down for flower , after week 6 I add dehumidifier to keep moisture under control from fresh air coming inside the tent .


I put scrubber inside and fan outside of tent and just vent in the room .