Carbon filters and humidity

Ok so no one told me carbon filters dont work in high humidity. Week 8 flower and everytime it rains the smell shows up real bad. Does anyone have any tips on how to eliminate the smell. The carbon filter itself is quite large with a 6 inch fan pulling through it. My dehumidifier isn’t big enough to cope with the load of pulling in 80% humid air. So I resorted to plenty of airflow but the problem is the stink.

@Bjg how old is the carbon filter,? it might need replacing, or turned up. :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be 2 months old I bought it new for this run. When it rains it stops working then takes a day or so of dry weather and the smell goes away

I had the same problem and it was driving me crazy. So this is how I solved it. I have a carbon filter inside sucking air out and another filter on the outside of my tent that the air exhaust into. The humidity is out the roof when it rains and being in a basement its further intensified. So far so good. Due to my current living circumstances it cannot smell in here ever! You will Just have to buy another filter tho probably. I’m using an older one I’ve had for 3 years on the outside and I can only smell carbon now.
Also run as many fans as possible in the tent to reduce humidity as well. Best of luck.


Oh and my filter inside is brand new as well it’s an ipower. Not the best filter you can get . Haha

@bjg I would look into getting a larger filter possibly.

Would putting a fan blowing on the filter perhaps maybe help keep it dryer? Sounds like it’s building up to much moisture? Just a thought?!?

I like the idea of a second filter after the fan. I’m not sure if my fan will cope with the added pressure of another filter. Did you notice any reduction in airflow? @Noctis420

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I have 2 fans on the ground and one pushing across the canopy under the light pretty much directly at the filter. The filter is 550mm long and 200mm diameter so it’s all ready pretty big for a 4x4 tent if not oversize.


Hey Noctis420. I use ipower filters as well and have had good success with them. You do know the flange is reversible so to get max life out of filter? Use the pre-filter also. As cheap as they are I keep a spare on hand too for the just in case. By the way high humidity is a carbon filter killer. Good luck buddy!!

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What size fan do you have? I have a 6" vortex. Didn’t notice any reduction of airflow. In fact it was really pushing the smell of the carbon out of the filter so I turned it down a bit if that makes any sense. I’m in a 3x3 though. Thanks @Bjg I did reverse them it was quite the task getting that done lol. I got almost 5 years out of the two filters I have though. Now they are good enough for the secondary filtering. I did replace the Prefilter because it got so dirty over time. Worst case scenario you can just disconnect it after the rain passes. I just left mine on tho to lazy for that lol @Bjg

I also only have one passive flap open on the bottom and the dehumidifier is pointing right at it. Fyi