Carbon filter without a grow tent


I currently have a single auto GDP in its fourth week. All is going well, the plant looks amazing. It’s in preflower and beginning to smell a bit. I don’t have a grow tent as it is currently in an attack above the garage. Space is too tight for a tent. I’m planning to install a carbon filter above and to the side. I can box it in a bit but I can’t really enclose the plant entirely.

My question is if the filter is going to do anything at all? It’s only a single plant so I thought it would manage to control odor but I could be wrong. Any opinion on this? Am I wasting my time and money?

Many thanks in advance!!

The filters themselves work. The problem you’ll run into is that you need to make sure all the contaminated air will go through the filter. It’s hard to that in open air for large space.

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One man’s contamination is another man’s perfume. But yes, I need to figure out a way to make it less open. I won’t pull 100% of the contaminated air through but I need to be make sure it can handle what my ono blocks don’t. Thanks.

I would be careful with those. People have posted that they impacted their grow.

The issue with trying to run a carbon filter in a large area is the exchange of air in the room. My 3x3x7 tent has 63 cubic feet of air. I want to exchange that air at least 2 times a minute, currently running 125 cfm fan. Measure your room and you will have a better understanding of the cfm needed to exchange the air.

Maybe you can build a sealed enclosure in place using sheets of plastic film. It needs to be airtight enough that all the air exiting the enclosure is going through the filter. The replacement air can come in through the door, but you need to limit the leaks down to just a few square inches. Of course, this is a lot easier to do before you start growing!

Thanks all. So far, so good. The carbon filter appears to be doing a decent job. The odor is reduced without the use of ono blocks. No smell is seeping through although it’s early into the grow.

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