Carbon filter with bathroom extractor fan

Guys quick question about my ventilation set up. For the moment i have ( as there already was one) standard bathroom extractor fan ( as the grow room is in unused bathroom with no sink or toilet of course)… The fan extracts 85m3/h witch for the grow room size is fine. But… Can i attach carbon filter to it (i dont need it yet as my bbs are only 9 days old) or the extraction power is too low? It leaves my grow room with perfect temperature and i don’t need to worry about the humidity to be sucked out

What’s your idea to connect a filter to the fan? Most standard filters connect to round duct, most bathroom ceiling fans are an open rectangles. You would need to build some kind of box with a round duct port. The filter will weigh a few kilos, so you will need hangers or supports.

Also, if you are extracting air from the space, where is the fresh air coming in from? Many people have had humidity problems in sealed grow rooms because there is not enough air intake. Just a thought.

I was thinking to connect the filter outside the room rather the inside. Not sure if thats possible. Rather than air going thru filter and then fan in my case air would go first thru the extraction fan and then to the filter outside

The first photo shows the outside of the room. Top whole is the extraction fan exhaust and i could connect the filter there. I have no problems with drilling holes for hanging the filter. The botom hole is the air intake. There is also the window above the LED that gives fresz air. Temperature is around 78 during the day and 40% of humidity so its quite ok

I think your plan will work. Keep in mind that the filter collects particles including fungus spores, also the fan blades collect fungus spores. Most people try to clean and sterilise as much as possible between grow runs, so try to make that easy.

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hopefully