Carbon filter. Which one is best

Had a question. I just want to be super ghost. From experiance which is the best carbom filter for a small grow room of 5 to 6 plants in a basment in a closed room?

I don’t know what’s best one but I know the reversible ones are good because when one side tends to stop working you can flip it so it’s like two …and you can change the carbon in it as well

This is what I’m running

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I’m running the same thing as Givemefire and I have had no troubles except getting the filter on to begin with made some modifications no problems love it I never really have to adjust my settings I’ve learn through Roberts reads and researched best just to leave them on high at least that’s the case for me but don’t give me wrong for the money you cannot beat it

Thanks. I will try it out. Cant beat the price either

Jusy recieved this didnt expect it to be this big bit anywho you mind showing me your set up for carbon filter

This is how I did mine. The outside is a silencer. Only a little flex duct between the blower and the silencer because I couldn’t fit it through the hole in the tent otherwise. And, the rope in the pic has nothing to do with it, I use that to hang extra stuff as needed.