Carbon filter systems

What size system do I need to filter a 10 x 16 with 7 ft ceiling?

I would match up to your fan. Your room looks to be 1120 cubic feet, how many cfm is your fan?


@dbrn32 I don’t have anything yet. I was wondering what I needed?


Ok good! You’re probably going to want a couple of fans. @Countryboyjvd1971 is way better at this stuff than I am, but I know he’s got kind of a crazy schedule right now.

When sizing for air exchange alone, you want to be able to exchange the entire room at bare minimum once every 1-2 minutes. Once per minute would be a fan that does 1120 cfm with zero restrictions. You have duct and a filter, and there will be static load dragging that down.

That doesn’t really account for trying to increase air exchange in order to maintain temps either.