Carbon filter set-up


My wife is starting to complain about the smell. For some reason, my grow room doesn’t smell (I have a whole room filter) & the main part of the house smells ok, but the bedroom just reeks of weed.

I’m looking for the most effective & efficient carbon filter set-ups. I need to be able to purchase it via Amazon Prime, no exceptions.

Any recommendations for filters for tents that are 2x4x5 & 2.5x5x6 are greatly appreciated.


I have a 32"x32"x63" tent with a 4" carbon filter/ fan combo. I have the filter in the tent, ducted to the fan which hangs outside the tent, and then ducted to the outside. The only time we smell weed is if I have the tent open.


I doubt that it’s your carbon filter if it do not smell in your grow room but not impossible if you’re connect to your main ducting system and/or if your carbon filter is “due” and /or if your CFM power is “over killing” your growing space and filter capacity.

Where do you stach your stock and where do you smoke it and fabric retain a lot of weed smell, so, where is your laundry bucket can affect too the smell in a house, imo, but @Countryboyjvd1971 is the reference here for HVAC.

In hope that’s helping you a little @blackthumbbetty

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Funny you should mention this, cause I was just noticing that my bedroom smells of weed and that’s where my tent is. I have a 4" carbon filter and a good fan on high and it still smells. Honestly, i don’t know if there’s anything that will take care of the smell completely, sorry. Luckily for me, I’m only a week away from harvest.


I’ve had pretty good luck with can and phresh, but that’s all I’ve used. @Niala is correct that you want to size to cfm of your fan. If anything, I usually get a filter that’s on larger side than smaller, seems to put a little less drag on the fan and more surface area usually lasts a little longer.


I currently only have a whole room filter, nothing inside the tents. My grow room is next to my bedroom. We have a drop ceiling. My bedroom also has a whole room filter, which I think pulls in smells from the grow room.

I am looking for recommendations on an in-tent filtration system, which is good quality, energy efficient, and fairly quiet.

Anything weed related stays in my grow room.


Ac infinity and hyper fan are about as efficient as I’ve seen. Both should be available via amazon, the ac infinity has some really cool features. Definitely worth checking out. The one thing I’ll say though is that 4” doesn’t deal great with static pressure of carbon filter. @Covertgrower has the 6”, seemed to be working good. He can probably tell you more on that


Ok then, if you want Amazon prime, you have to live somewhere that they offer the services, I do not know if they offer this services for Alaska, maybe @Covertgrower or @GreenThunder that I know they living in your part of the world can help you further with this. @dbrn32 give you great possible names of relialble filters, does amazon offer "prime"in your region for those, I don’t know, you’ll have to make your own research for that, @blackthumbbetty


They do, which is why I require that. So much cheaper than paying for shipping.


So, if I bought a phresh 6" filter that does 400cfm, does the fan I purchase have to match that cfm exactly? Or does it have to be lower/higher?

For my smaller tent, do you think a 4" would work? Mostly to save space for lights & such?


Of course, Betty, of course :wink: :innocent: :v:

This is the “top notch” one, big CFM, low noise, very efficient, but pricey…

And here’s a “top notch” carbon filter

In hope that suit your need

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And what size/cfm filter would you use on something like this? I probably won’t go with this fan, but with those cfms, what size/cfm filter would be best?

Not necessarily looking for top notch, but definitely want something that works, won’t vibrate like crazy, and that won’t spike my electric bill.

Thanks everyone!



Ok Betty, you have 2 tent, one is 40 cubic feet and the other is 75 cubic feet.

CFM needs are: you have to run at least 1 times your cubic feet per 3 minutes, but you have to consider temperature, humidity, carbon filter and CO2 if you inject and do it at saturation.

I made a topic espacelly for that and invite you to consult it…:wink::grinning:

So, for 40 cubic feet you’ll need :slight_smile:

40÷3= around 13.5 CFM
Add 5% for each lights you have, so, I presume that you have 2 lights fixtures so 10% more = 14.85 CFM, add 20% for your carbon filter = 17.82 CFM if you have temperature issues, add 25%, add 40 if you have also humidity issues, so, 22.28 CFM for heat issues and 24.95 CFM, so, 25 CFM should be enough for the smaller one (2×4×5)

You just need to apply this on the other one, but it should give you around 40-45 CFM,

These are absolute minimum.

I will let you choose your options or I let someone else guide you further.

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Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for: some sort of formula.


You’re welcome :innocent: :v: :innocent:


Remember blizzybetty? That was me. I scrapped that last grow, saving one plant. It’ll be ready in a couple of weeks.

I have autos going now. They’re doing pretty darned ok.



Ôôôô, I suspect it but now have the confirmation :wink: dear Betty :wink::grinning:

Sorry for your lost, but shit happens, lol :wink: :innocent: :v: Sometimes, it’s just too late for intervention… A good start and keeping your environnemental numbers right and pH level right too , make all the difference, way before nutrients, but they have their importance too, all depends on their avaibility …:wink:

I am glad that your present growth is doing well :grinning::+1::ok_hand::v:

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@Niala @blackthumbbetty am-zon prime is offered to AK. It’s never “2nd day shipping” more like 4 day, but it gets here.
I have “can lite” carbon filter. It’s really big and it filters really well. @dbrn32


Pretty sure @Niala has you covered, good information there Al!

All I meant was that if I was looking at say 6” filters for my 315 cfm fan and narrowed down to a 300 cfm filter and a 350 cfm filter, I would choose the 350 assuming quality was the same or better. Both will work. What you really don’t want to do is buy a 200 cfm filter for the same fan. It will pull the performance down quite a bit.


Outta of likes as usual guys and gals :wink: :innocent: :v:, I second that, always have a carbon filter a bit over your CFM needs, great info @dbrn32 :+1::ok_hand::grinning::wink: And thanks @Covertgrower for the hint :+1::ok_hand: