Carbon filter question

Hi I’m new to this site and had a question about carbon filters. I just hooked up a 4” carbon filter inside my 4X4 grow tent. I sprayed an air freshener inside to test the filter and I could smell it coming out of the exhaust pipe outside the tent. Is that a smell that the filter doesn’t get rid of or is my filter no good? It’s a brand new filter?

Good question. I’m in need of a new filter myself so I’ll be checking this thread

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I wouldn’t make up my mind based on that test.
Chemicals in air fresheners vs organic cannabis smells, relative particulate size, density of the product in ppm in the space…who could figure that out.
Maybe just try the filter in real life circumstances and see. Most of us have good success with them.

btw…welcome to the forum @Tom5


Whats the brand and size ?

I use a can lite filter i think its 6x18 and it takes care of all Cannabis odor

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Active carbon shouldn’t be limited to just the smell of weed. It’s also used in household air purifiers and other environmental control devices. Moisture can hamper their effectiveness, so can leaks at flanges. If you don’t have a situation like that I would say you may just have an ineffective filter.


Thanks! I’ve had it going all night and it definitely works there is no more weed smell in the room. I guess it just doesn’t filter out air freshener smells but definitely works or what I need it for. Appreciate the help!