Carbon filter question Phresh vs Mountain Air? Or?

I heard a lot of good things about Phresh filters and better things about Mountain Air. My main concern is the flowering and harvest stage when the buds get really dank in most forums I see Ipower, Vivosun, and all the cheap china knockoffs don’t cut it for the flowering period and some smell still passes through. I have heard as well that Mountain Air, Phresh and Can filters have 0 smell. Anyways I need advice from people who have actually used these brands.

I use Vivoson with neg. tent pressure and I have zero smell coming from the tent. That is until I open the door!

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@rugar89 how long do they last?

They are supposed to last a couple of years so they say. Ive been growing a little less then a year. I only hook it up during flower to make it last longer.


The issue with the smell, is it because you are trying to hide it from someone in the house or place you are going to be harvesting and trimming in? If you are worried about it you could always trim in the room that you are growing in.

not in the house I will be living alone by then but neighbors. I live in an area like rowhouses in jersey. So everyone is close

Yeah I thought about doing it in the tent. Is it ok that the tent is venting into the house and not outside?

I have neighbors on each side of me and I trim in my living room and never give it another thought. Most people aren’t sniffing and looking around for it in general. If you’re not sharing it with anyone you should be fine. If you are still worried about it, then I would just get a 6 or 8" fan and carbon filter and have it sitting in the room that yiu are in to help cut down on the odor. A filter won’t take care of it all, but should do the trick

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I can attest can and phresh both solid. Have never used anything else.

One thing I feel is necessary to add, they are all subject to atmospheric conditions. If they’re not sized right or exposed to high humidity for too long, any of them will struggle to function properly. So when you see a bad review, there’s a reasonable chance that something along those lines was an issue.


What’s better can or phresh? I should keep humidity below 70% or 60% cus if is the later II think I need a dehumidifier.

I don’t think I can say one is better than th other. I think my can filter lasted a little longer, but it was also a larger filter.

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I have a 4" Can-filter, and I smell nothing. Of course, the whole house smells anyway because we smoke inside. But seriously, the exhaust is just fresh air, and when I open the door to my grow box, three weeks into flowering, WHOOOOAAAA MANNNN


@elheffe702 how do you connect the can? it doesn’t look like phresh and the other ordinary filters with a flange

It has a flange.

It hangs by bungee cords in my box.


@MarianoGomes i use all ipower filters in my grow room and have zero smells in my house
If filters and fans are set yp peoperly you will have no smell also you should run your tent in a negative pressure
I have min of 6 hours plants in flower at a time no smell so your statement that ipower filter don’t work in flower is false


@Countryboyjvd1971 Actually posted this same post at another forum and a person who uses Ipower says since Ipower has screws and you can switch out the flange is he refills it have you ever tried refilling yours? What he did as well is he got an 8" and an adapter at the end to connect to a 6" fan for extra smell coverage apparantly cfm in filters just need to be over the cfm rating of the fan but don’t need to be close but higher for efficiency.

Sorry read a lot of people complaining about chinese scrubber smelling during the height of flowering so I wanted to confirm from people who actually used it and have grow journals since this is the internet and there are marketer’s everywhere.

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you can flip the filter around and extend the life het 18 months or so frim one
I haven’t tried locating replacement filter and really not sure they offer them
I just replace the whole can @MarianoGomes
No need to be sorry i was just letting you know they work great


I believe what he was saying is that people are taking them apart, dumping out the carbon media, and then refilling with new media.

Not sure how well it works or not, but not the first time I’ve heard of it. I think you’re correct, when sized and fitted properly they pretty much all do the job.


yes @dbrn32 The ipower uses screws so it is easier to change the carbon inside plus where I live carbon media is cheap it won’t be cost effective to do this in america since you guys import carbon.

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