Carbon filter pollen decontamination

grow room cleaning of pollen seems pretty straightforward. What about the 6 inch duct fan that has been putting the same pollen inside my filter? Is there a way clean the filter? Was thinking about using mister with bleach solution and letting the fan blow it into the filter.

Carbon filters don’t clean well maybe some compressed air but I think you’d be better off buying a new one on Amazon for the $
Why take a chance you did t get it all out IMO

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I might be mistaken but I’m not sure you can clean your filter. You can recharge the carbon by baking it in the oven but I believe the temperature that the carbon needs to be brought up to is very high and hard to reach with most coventional ovens. You can buy new carbon to put into your filter but you would have to have a filter that is able to do that.
Again I’m not %100 sure

I’m with these guys @bryan Just buy a new one. There really isn’t any means of cleaning that I’m aware of.

You can just order the filters you need off amazon from 50 -80 depending on size

yeah I guess I better get another. just cut down whole grow room, emptied it out and sprayed bleach solution on walls, ceiling, floor.

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Best to cut your loses now then have a issue on next grow because you tried to save 80$ ?
Good luck tag me when you get tryout next grow started bro

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