Carbon filter lifespan?

Was wondering how long everyone’s carbon filters are lasting. Online mostly shows 18-24 months.

The main reason I’m asking is mines about 11 months old, cleaned a few times, and isn’t holding back smell anymore.

Contacted AC Infinity and was told they only last 6-8 months yet have a 2 year materials and performance guarantee and they sense I’m a good customer will send a free replacement, but that one doesn’t get a warranty.

To me this falls under the performance part of the warranty and no where does it state on their website they only last 6-8 months. I feel they need to replace it and the replacement should also have full warrantee sense the original didn’t even make it half through.

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

Ac infinity lied to you oh boy :joy::rofl: .

Hit the little line thing on top left and look for warranty program . I’ll send the bill :joy:

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I told them I was going to call tomorrow and actually talk with someone.

I initially filled out the section below that and the following is what I got today after sending in screen shots of my order from Amazon that shows the filter and that they were the seller and date sold.

I don’t think 6-8 months life span for a charcoal filter is unusual. That is why you should only use it during flower, which should allow a filter to last 2-3 flowering cycles.


I have a separate flowering and veg tents, so it’s been going straight flower for about 8 months now. Lol

That being said, it has a warranty and I feel they aren’t upholding it.

Ive used the same 6in ac infinity filter (on 4th grow with it) for 3 full grows with no issues. Mind you i remove from tent after drying grow and put back in plastic and original box and store untill the next flowering grow. But im thrilled with that result.

For the record no business puts a warentee on a “warentee replacement” part at least from my 68 years of expierance.

I have 2 and both last about a year, I don’t flip them… I run 24x7 thru them

It’s carbon for goodness sakes. It’s life cycle depends on all sorts of things. When mine stop working I put the filter in a wash tub with two quarts of hydrogen peroxide and filled up with water for 24 hours then swish and flush them out. Dry out with compressed air and let dry for several days. Use until they stop working again and then toss them. I use to refill them when I could get new bulk carbon dirt cheap. But the refill days are over here now. Back in the old days we had to make our own carbon/kitty litter filters and used them as whole grow room filters.

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Have you ever purchased pretty much anything and returned it to the store for a different one? That one still comes with a warranty! Especially things like car parts and electronics.

Im sry, but I have to call BS on this!

Day and night difference between a warrentee claim and an exchange! A warrentee is a contract an exchange is a policy.

They warranty both materials and PERFORMANCE for 2 years! What their rep told me does NOT match what their website states. To have this warranty posted and no “expected lifespan” listed for the product on either their website or in materials that came with the product would be false advertisement of a warranty!

You’re now talking Symantec’s on how to return an item. If I physically brought it into one of their stores it would still be using the warranty for a replacement even if they “exchanged it” I would still expect the replacement product to carry the full product warranty that they provide for all their equipment otherwise getting a replacement item would then just be a worry about when it’s going to go out as their products and warranty don’t live up to what they advertise!
When you exchange an item at a store the store still has to use the warranty or guarantee the manufacturer provided to return the item to them for a refund or new product. They just act as the middle man so the customers don’t have to.

When it comes to contracts or law semantics is everything… words mean things.

Well I just got off the phone with AC Infinity rep Kisandra and they are sending me a new one as it falls within their warranty and the replacement will also have a full warranty!


Nice glad you got it figured out @The_Cannabowlist :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: