Carbon Filter Advice?

Hello, I am working on gathering my gear to set up my first grow.

I am wondering if anyone has any advice they could share about how best to choose or calculate for selecting an appropriate carbon filter set up. My total space will be up to 10 x 14 x 6 with up to 10 plants at a time.

Thanks for any help anyone can give! Very excited to start growing soon.

Hi @doublerdiner , I like to have the ability to exchange the air 2x per minute so my formula is
(cu ft x 2 = recommended cfm) 10x14x6=1680 below is a 8" ac fan with a cfm of 800 I would recommend two of them this gets you to just under 2x per minute.

Now I’ve only grown in a closet and a couple tents, I had problems in the closet with heat but I only had a 4’ 200 cfm fan in it but when I moved to my tent I did some research before buying a fan. I don’t remember where I found the 2x per minute figure but it answered why I was having trouble with the heat in my closet so I put a 6" in my first 4x4 tent and I can keep the temperature pretty close to the room temperature. This is in a tent but there’s a grower on here @PharmerBob that has an awesome growroom setup and since I tagged him he should stop by and he will know if it’s necessary to have the same amount of air exchange in a larger area like yours because I’m sure you will have an ac unit in there to help you with your temperatures. Good luck on your room and your grow


I use 3… only because I haven’t invested into a mini split yet. They go as follows

2 at end of each exhaust line which end up in the attic, from there you can go over kill and scrub that air as well ( attic spaces have fantastic circulation to outside and give you the ability to use things like ozone scrubbers which you can’t inside your actual house)

1 inline filter that attaches to the portable ac that is inside the lung.

Any air that transfers from around that room to the outside must be filtered. Even then you will be noticeable inside your house…

You can’t smell me down the block but if you come inside my door you know we’re burning trees


To answer your actual question vivosun isn’t bad, you’ll get a year or so out of it. (6”) they say 18 but I just swap sooner than later. Look for something that has a pre filter for a little better filtration over longer time period.

I haven’t tried the infinity ones but I would expect similar results.

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I like the ac infinity fans they’re not as powerful as the old I-power fans but they make half the noise and you can turn them way down which is nice when you are trying to keep the rh up early on in your grow. As for filters I use the G-hydro they’re good quality for less money plus I like the black color it’s easier to see the dirt so you can change the pre-filter when necessary and they come with 2 of the pre-filters


Thank you all so much for all the fantastic information! I am sincerely so grateful to have this forum of growers and experts who are so willing to help out an ignorant newbie. I am looking forward to getting the final touches to actually start soon, couldn’t have done it so quickly without you guys.