Carbon dioxide bombs

A question from a fellow grower:

Good morning! I had a question about carbon dioxide bombs do they help your plant as much as everyone says they do? Or is it somthing that’s really not worth doing?

I wouldn’t advise it to much co2 will kill the plants

It helps in vegging , but if it’s a small grow space it’s enough in the air that will benefit the plant without adding Co2 . Now my last grow I’ve learned that it’s not good to continue Co2 after the second week of flowering , cause at that stage you need to reduce the humidity and co2 adds moisture and humidity , but we all still learning in every grow . But if you have like a whole bedroom of plants on a bigger scale , like 20-30 plants , I think you will need to used Co2 cause of how many plants in one squared area , but it’s a pro’s and cons kind of answer , some say yeah , some say no , so it’s more less a personal choice .

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